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Undisclosed GT5 Feature Hidden in Trailer? |

You know how at the end of the PS3 trailers, usually the exclusives, we get that little list of features in the game that scroll through? After going frame-by-frame at the end, because of a little tip off I read in the comments section at another site, here’s what was listed:

  • 950+ Cars
  • Online Racing
  • Career Mode
  • Drifting
  • Rally
  • Customization

What is the customization? It was really well-hidden, too, and, unless you go frame by frame, you will most likely miss it. Now, what customization does it speak of? Is it just the standard customization we had for a while, such as custom wheels and a spoiler, if available? Or is it complete customization, including livery support? We’ll have to wait and see (probably until Tokyo Game Show).

One thing is for sure, at the end of this interview, when asked what the interviewee’s favorite new feature was, he does say that it’s undisclosed. Could that be about the customization? Possibility for dynamic weather? What are your thoughts on both?

  • I remember on the original GT on PS1, you could add body kits to standard cars, as well as just the ‘hidden’ upgrades like engine power, exhaust systems, etc.

    It was a feature I liked, and one which has been missing in every GT game since. Perhaps they’ve put it back in? It would certainly go some way to explaining the length of time they claim it’s taken to render the cars.

  • I’m assuming it’s just refering to the usual customization of GT1-GT4 (ignoring all the prologue pap). As Para says, there were some features available only in the first (and it was very cool to be able to go with new body kits), but all through the main series it’s been possible to change gearbox types, adjust gear ratios, add turbo kits, change fly wheels, alter suspension, mess with tyre choices and all that sort of stuff. Presumably that’s what it means, and if that’s absent, it’s just not a GT game.

  • Jay

    well, that I’m sure they would have, but given that, that would be more under ‘tuning’ than it would ‘customization’, since customization is more aimed towards physical appearance and aesthetics than performance when it comes to vehicles


    I sure bet customization means a lot more than a cars physical appearance.Infact producer of GT5 did mention that the best feature in Gt5 is still an undisclosed one,and apparently thats his favorite feature.Could it be a track editor?
    You never know,Yamauchi San is a perfectionist.All we can do for now is watch those stunning looking gameplay screen,videos and wait patiently wait for November the 2nd