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PES 2011 E3 Trailer |

This video seemed to have slipped under the radar but Konami showed the first video of PES 2011 at E3. The most dramatic change that i noticed is that the stamina and power bars are now around the player as opposed to the standard display at the bottom of the screen. Reminiscent of Split Second it seems to make sense as that’s where your eyes will be focused. Also featured are new skill moves and improved physicality between players when fighting for the ball. They even announce a new license of the Copa Libertadores allowing you to play with all the old greats like Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Veron in the South American equivalent of the Champions League. It’s a great addition considering it has never been included in a video game before and most welcome, I’m surprised it’s not been in FIFA already with its wealth of teams.

PES 2011 is due out this Autumn/Fall so most likely the end of October.

  • Libertadores is not Libertadores without a good fight in the field… 🙂 Hope they put this ‘feature’ in the game as well…

  • wheres the air horns?!