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DC Universe Online Price Details |

Sony Online Entertainment just revealed that in addition to the $60 you will pay for the purchase of DC Online Universe, there will be a monthly subscription fee of $15. A lot of people (including me) were eager to put their hands on this title.Β  I personally think that this strategy was well known, since all MMO players are used to it, but I was expecting special subscriptions for the launch date.

Now, I hope this won’t scare players. It’s tough to be a hero or even a villain nowadays…

Via Massively

  • Smegmazor

    That’s too pricey for a monthly subscription. I’d roll with maybe $5 to $8, but $15 is too high. Perhaps if there was a special within the new PSN +, I’d consider it. Until then, DC Universe will have to carry on without me.

  • @Smegmazor I totally agree with you. Maybe in the near future, when they realize it’s too pricey…

  • Darrin

    That is the classic MMO pricing used by Everquest, WOW, and many others. Yes, it really is pricey, and is usually only good for heavy players. Most people try these things for a few months and then move on. I’ll definitely try this out, but I don’t have time in my life for a major MMO addiction.

  • Why don’t they give the game away for free or $9.99. A one year subscription to DC Universe online would run you. $60 + $180 for a total of $230 year one.


  • Sinlock

    I was never set on getting this one, but at $15 a MONTH. I guess I just saved myself $60.

    Too bad looked like it might have been fun.

  • @Sinlock Guess we’ll stick with RDR, then… πŸ˜€ Oh, that reminds me something…

  • A full price game every 4 months. I hope people don’t get suckered into this nonsense.

  • @mcloki Or they should include a three month membership included with the purchase, so we can “try” before get addicted.

  • This after saying there would be no subscription fee almost a year ago.

  • I thought it was going to be free to play as well.

    15$ is pretty standard as far as online subscriptions go. I guess it depends on what they have to offer game play wise. It still looks very interesting

  • @fleakitten I really wish they recall what they said last year after a couple months of poor sales…

  • MMO from SOE free?? NEVER!!! oh wait they did free Realms and are about to release a free StarWars Clone wars mmo… hmm.. I knew it was going to be $15 a month since they told me at ComicCon 2009. I assumed that was common knowledge.

    When I played this at E3, I was really dissapointed. Graphics weren’t that great, controlls were really hard to get used to. No private homes/bases at launch. Hopefully they do a beta that changes my mind, because I was really looking forward to this game. As of now, I’m going to pass.

  • You should write up an E3 impression of the game Oly.

  • I am planning on it.. know n e one that will see my patients this for me lol

  • Michael

    I love DC Comics, but I will go to hell and back before i buy a game you have to pay for EVERY MONTH to play, this is madness! If i friggin buy the game from the store, i should be able to play it without needing to spend a monthly fee. DC Comics, Sony, assholes releasing this, you have pissed of more fans than you could ever gain back. Batman Arkham City will be the last game i buy in the DC series anyway, since Hamill wont do the joker no more. That would prolly be the only reason why i’d want to play DC Universe in the first place for that matter.


  • James

    i dont see the point in buying a game for $60 and then still having to pay each month i personaly think that its a rip off and they shudnt be able to do it

  • John Smith

    i think the game will be better off if is free online lol then people would of buy the game more and something!!!

  • ninja

    o they want us to pay for a game thats for systems and continuesly do that hmph thats like saying we should pay for black op halo n shit even though this is an mmo but even so if you put it in a system there shouldnt be a monthly fee