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Best of E3 2010 Vote Results! |

See all individual votes and comments here.

Best E3 Press Conference

First: Sony. It’s good to see that the PS3 fans were not disappointed!
Distant Second: Nintendo. They definitely had the most surprise factor and the most reveals.

Worse E3 Press Conference

First: Microsoft.

Best Motion Control

First: PlayStation Move. Again, the PS3 fans are not disappointed!

Best Gaming Platform for remainder of 2010

First: PS3

Biggest Disapointment of E3

First: Kinect.

Biggest No Show

First: The Last Guardian
Other Good Choices: PSP sequel, Insomniac, Agent/Rockstar

Most Overrated

First: Kinect

Most Underrated

Votes are very dispersed. The only items that were voted more than once are LittleBigPlanet 2 and Infamous 2.

Best Unexpected Surprise

First: Gabe Newell at Sony’s Conference. No one saw this one coming.

Best Game Overall

Tie: LittleBigPlanet 2 and Gran Turismo 5

Best Non-Game

First: Kevin Butler

Good picks guys. In hindsight, we should have had some more game related categories, but we will do that next time (most innovative, best graphics/technology, best art design, best new IP).

  • I’d assume it would be better to ask Sony related questions on this Ps3 devoted site, instead of asking the what the best conference was, people indeed would tend to pick Sony stuff, so it’d be better to stay within the Sony realm.

    Instead of general questions, we could have PS3 related things:
    Best Ps3 motion game
    Best part of PS3 conference
    etc etc.

  • Where where these Polls?
    I remember doing quit a few in the LiveBlog but my name is not listed in the log.

  • Jay
  • Eddie

    I picked Nintendo for the best show. While Sony had more stuff that interested “me”….Nintendo threw down and appeased the larger crowd I think.

  • darrin

    I thought Nintendo had more of a surprise factor with more complete surprise reveals, but I still liked the stuff Sony showed better. The games are better with LBP2, GT5, Infamous 2, and the Gabe Newell + Kevin Butler appearances were great show entertainment.

    Everyone understands that this is a PS3-centric site and crowd, but I like to see that Sony is actually keeping it’s core happy. There are many times when this crowd votes against Sony products, and even gets angry with Sony, despite that we are generally biased. Almost all of us have non-Sony favorite games and products, so I still like to see a best conference vote.

    Adding more categories like the ones Emrah mentioned are a great idea and we will definitely do that for the next big vote (probably at the end of 2010)

  • Such a biased poll.

  • I really don’t see how Sony had a better press conference than Nintendo. I play both the Wii and the PS3. I found the Sony press conference completely underwhelming. They spent the first part of the conference giving a crappy speech, they then showed some games that were mostly already revealed, and finally showed an advertisement for the PSP. Nintendo, on the other hand, revealed a ton of new games, a new system. and didn’t have a conference that consisted largely of filler.

  • Darrin

    @superbob, we are “respectfully biased”. We are obviously PS3 fans, so no one would take us seriously as being completely impartial, but we do try not to be jerks about it.

    @ruel, personally I voted Sony, because I think they still had the strongest content and some cool non-content show pieces (Kevin Butler, Gabe Newell). But, Nintendo had more surprises, more reveals, and really blew by expectations, so I definitely wouldn’t disagree with others who voted Nintendo.