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Hulu May Be Coming to PS3 |

According to Bloomberg, Sony and Hulu are in the final stages of signing a deal that will allow for the Hulu service to become available on the PS3. If this is true, the deal could become officially announced next week. Unfortunately, it will be subscription based, and reportedly around $10 a month.

It used to be free some time back, but after people were streaming the service to the PS3 through the browser (or was it through the sharing?), Hulu blocked that access. Now, it appears the two are going to strike a deal. Word is also circulating that the XBox 360 is getting Hulu service as well, presumably for the same subscription price and the need to be a Gold subscriber.

One thing that comes to mind, though, is can this service be free with the PlayStation Plus? It could be, but the difference is, PS+ goes to Sony and the Hulu subscription would go to Hulu, but it’s a possibility nonetheless, maybe a cheaper subscription to Hulu at least? In any case, I probably won’t be getting the service personally. Not much of a TV guy, modern shows are crap (save for shows on the Discovery channels), and I only watch TV before bed :P.

  • Couldn’t agree more, most modern shows are bad. But I like some shows on Discovery, Science Channel, History, etc.. Where you actually learn stuff. But I only get to watch those when at somebody’s house. I don’t have calbe. I do like to watch Ninja Warrior or other related Japanese game shows.. if I can find the episodes online 😛 I refuse to watch the American knock offs of these (aka Wipeout..)

    Main shows I watch regularly are:

    The Colbert Report
    A coupe animes
    Family Guy

    That’s about it really, and those I watch on my PS3. I can’t remember the last time I turned on the TV to watch .. actual TV. I use it for gaming, movies, and watching videos off the PS3.

  • i was looking forward to this until i read “it will be subscription based, and reportedly around $10 a month.” and i was like -.-#

  • Jay

    I watch Colbert, Family Guy, Daily Show, Mythbusters, Factory Made and How it’s Made most of the time lol (and History channel quite a bit, too, but for history stuff, not the reality shows and the like they have now). Ninja Warrior is great, and I thought MXC was hilarious myself lol. But like modern sitcoms and popular primetime programming? Not so much. IMO, the 90s were the best years for TV.

  • Luke

    Well Hulu was going to become subscription based anyways so this doesn’t effect the PS3 feature of having it. At least they are adding the choice.

  • Eddie

    House, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Warrior, Mythbusters, Through the Wormhole, Monsters Inside Me, Big Bang Theory and a whole slew of anime.

  • Eddie

    oh forgot Sparticus…great show!

  • I don’t know what services Hulu has blocked, but I know that Hulu still streams just fine using PlayOn media server.

  • Anyway, I certainly wouldn’t pay for something like this. At worst, I can always connect my laptop to the TV via HDMI.

  • Hulu is not available in Canada! /cry

  • Eddie


    Anyway, I certainly wouldn’t pay for something like this. At worst, I can always connect my laptop to the TV via HDMI.  


    I believe Hulu is going to start charging even for pc usage.

  • I would never pay for something u can easily get for free. If HULU does start charing for PC usage u can still get anything you want via torrents or share sites in about 15mins.

    I watch a decent amount of TV, but DVR all of it and skip all the crap. Lie to Me, Fringe, TruBlood, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, FOX NEWS…

    Eddie said it right.. Sparticus: Blood and Sand (or Blood and Sex as we call it) was awesome!!

  • Pc

    So will Hulu be a subscription based service on the 360 too? If so i think thats hilarious because you can only use it with an xbox live gold account! PSN FTW!


    It would be nice to have the option. I would consider a subscription with hulu if they streamed their content in 720P and not make me wait a day to watch new tv shows!

  • Jay

    @Pc: it’s supposedly going to be subscription based on all platforms, including PCs

  • bad company

    what happened to the ps3 getting firefox