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Ninokuni (Miyazaki!!!) PS3 Screens |

Miyazaki fans will be extremely happy with the current releases of pictures and trailers that have came out recently. The game is beautiful and carries the Miyazaki charm as all of his movies did. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of the game, but it sure is pretty.


  • It definitely has the Studio Ghibli look. I myself would love to see a Nausicaa game.

    Joe Hisaishi is actually involved with this and not Miyazaki. But people know the name Miyazaki more than Hisaishi.

  • Eddie

    thanks for the quick edit tosh. i was working on it lol

  • This looks absolutely stunning. I prefer the cell shaded and hand painted look. The uncanny valley just distracts in a video game. With a cell shaded look after a minute or two adjustment, like watching a good Pixar movie you forget about the animation and just enjoy the show. These videos have so much charm it’s just stunning. Thank you Level 5 you’ve taken over where Sqauare Enix completely fell down. Square went into the uncanny valley and sadly didn’t really fare too well. But this game and especially this art style just make LEvel 5 the kings of JRPG’s. I can easily see Dragonquest, Dark Cloud and Rouge Galaxy being done in this stye. I look forward to this game as a Day one purchase.

  • EdEN

    Only problem I have is that it seems this will feature no Studio Ghibli animation. Instead the cutscenes will be reproduced in real time with the game engine.

  • New rpgs for the PS3 are always welcomed.

  • Eden I don’t see the problem. The PS3 animation engine is looking really good. All the character design is Studio Ghibli, Their animators are working on the project. Studio Ghibli has used computers before in their productions. The PS3 animations look fantastic and very smooth. The CG animations still portray the warmth and charm of hand painted but give the animators much more flexibility. Still psyched about this game. Now that they have the engine done I can only hope they make the game episodic.

  • Mew

    Hisaishi Joe is only the composer I thought? I heard that he did all the music too, which is awesome because he’s a musical god. I’ve loved all miyazaki films since I was little (except Pom Poko, that one was kinda retarded) and when I heard about this game a few months ago I was stoked. Hope it turns out as amazing as it looks!