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Sony Already Falling Behind Microsoft When it Comes to Marketing Move |


Since Sony and Microsoft both showed off their motion control tech at this years E3, we’ve seen little public demonstrations of Move. On the other hand Microsoft ‘s Kinect has been on the move with it’s first public appearance to a live audience on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Even with the noticeable response delay with the demo of Kinect, it seemed like a lot of fun was had.

Kinect wasn’t the only motion control game featured on the show. This week kicks off  Fallon’s first ever “Video Game Week”. Kinect was showed off on Monday followed by a Tiger Woods demo for the Wii on Tuesday. Tonight the only PS3 exclusive game that’s going to be in the spotlight on the show is Killzone 3.

I’m no fan of all this motion tech nonsense but if Sony plans on getting the word out about Move, besides at scheduled events, then they need to step up their game..literally.

Get Move on Oprah or CNN, Sony!

To be fair,Move has had a public showing in Sony’s home country of Japan after E3 2010 unfortunatly Japan makes up 1/3 of the world gaming market. Quite frankly I don’t think that’s enough. Japan is already considered Sony and Nintendo country when it comes to gaming.

 Of course noone can be certain if/when Sony plans to push Move advertising into full throttle. Perhaps as the release gets closer? If that’s the case then by that time, the only people who are interested, outside of those who already own a PS3 for gaming, will know more about Kinect than Move.

  • Eddie

    Good point….but I feel that Sony is trying to market to a different group. I get this idea from the types of games being shown.

    Also the games will play a finer point in this. Natal/Kinect will need games developed from the ground up for it where as Wii/Move games will be interchangeable.

  • Jay

    for the most part.

    Sony has had the upper hand in terms of demonstrating for a lot longer than MS and Kinect. Where Kinect was still a device with no actual demos, Sony had working stage demonstrations and gave people hands-on. It seemed like only at E3 did Kinect have any actual demos for the device. And the rumored $150 price tag isn’t very appealing either.

    I’m hoping with the Move, they even jump start PS Eye development. Kung Fu Live looks awesome.

    The only downfall with camera based games, especially, is that most will require the camera to be able to view your entire body. Some people just don’t have the room for that. When it comes to a small viewing area like mine, 4 inches or so is a lot easier to get into the frame than almost 6 feet is

  • I agree, the Eyetoy requirement could dampen interest a little. If people look at Kinect it requires no wands or other additions, Move does.

    I just think Sony needs to start pushing Move sooner rather than later.

  • Ace

    Yea I see what everyone is saying here, and I must agree with Eddie on this one. I think sony is going after a different fan base unlike microsoft who seems to be going after a family based motion controlling. And I believe sony will start showing of the move soon enough, and the price range will make the move look even better. I just don’t see the kinect succeeding like the move.

  • Jay

    Sakinah: If people look at Kinect it requires no wands or other additions, Move does.

    and with that, a lot more limitations as to what kind of games can be made for it

  • Seeing tons of Kinect adds on YouTube, in the video layover adds.

  • Luke

    You know I really thought SONY took E3, just where they are going and the content line up but I have to say that the Kinect looks really really good.

    As of late after seeing in which direction MS is heading, I think that SONY might have a problem because Kinect has a lot of possibilities.

    That said I don’t believe I would ever get one just because of all the hardware issues with the Xbox.

  • Legion213

    “Kinect looks really really good”

    Not with the $150 price tag on it. lol I’d rather go buy a Wii for that.

  • Personally, I don’t care for either Kinect or Move. I have a Wii (which I hardly use), and I think that’s good enough. I don’t play video games to get exercise. I play video games to mellow out.

  • Darrin

    Marketing is nice, but I think it’s more important that the Move delivers more great games and experiences that we didn’t have before.

    Same with Microsoft. Kinect better do more than dancing/workout titles, and racing with auto-pilot braking/acceleration. I can’t see it being a hit otherwise.

    Sony’s Move demos were closer to games that I’d think people want to play, but I still don’t see it as a hit yet.

  • jeff_rigby

    I don’t believe Kinect will work as well as the PS3’s move with games but for multi-media, it’s voice recognition and gesture recognition are great. For the PS3, move can work like a mouse and if the menu structure is properly done it almost levels the multi-media playing field.

    IF Google TV is coming to the PS3 we will have a choice between keyboards with mouse pads or trackballs and the move. The Google Chrome web browser and basic (free) included Android applications put the PS3 over the top for both a game machine and Home theater media center.

    Sony had NO multi-media demos or announcements at E3 while MS demoed Kinect for ESPN3.

  • I’m not really sold on the whole motion control gaming movement yet. I think I’m just to old school. Give me my PS3 controller and my HD TV and I’m happy. I’m actually way more excited about Sony pushing 3D and I really think that Sony is geared at pushing its 3D technology more so than its motion based technology right now. If Sony wants to truly do well with motion based gaming though, it would be a big mistake to allow MS to get too far ahead with its advertising of Kinect. Then need to strike now.

  • “Not with the $150 price tag on it. lol I’d rather go buy a Wii for that. ”

    A $50 jump isn’t really a big deal. Not like the 200$ jump from an xbox console the the PS3 console when it came out.

  • alex

    It’s true that Kinect and the Move are both being marketed to different kinds of people. It seems to me that both companies are trying to take some of Nintendo’s crowd. One important thing to take from this is that Microsoft and Sony are making their motion controls unnecessary. It will be cool to have one, but you don’t really need it. Kinect, despite the lag and the type of audience it is being marketed towards, is opening doors for technology as to what the future might be like. $150 price tag or not, this is America and people will buy it. The Move, while having an impressive 1 to 1 tracking, failed to impress me overall. Instead of Wii Sports, Sony can roll out Playstation Sports.

    Also, it has been known that Microsoft is the king of advertisement. Whatever Sony spends, Bill Gates can make that much in a day. I do believe that with the Move coming sooner than Kinect, Sony desperately needs to step up their advertising. Otherwise their head start will be for nothing.