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Does Qore = PlayStation Plus? |

< When I first heard of PlayStation Plus, I thought, "Oh, they are renaming/rebranding Qore. Who cares...". What really surprises me, is how many people are offended by this and have somehow interpreted this to mean that PSN is now a tiered service, is not completely free, and who knows what kinds of terrible roads this will lead us down in the future, etc, etc... Let's break this down for a second. For the past two years, the "Qore" service...

  1. Required a yearly subscription
  2. Provided free games
  3. Provided lots of early access to demos and betas
  4. Included the Qore e-zine
  5. Is completely optional and not-required for all other regular PSN use.
  6. OK, that’s basically the same exact description of the new PlayStation Plus service. I wonder if they will convert Qore subscriptions over or not? The only difference is that they are making vague hints about expanding the service in the future and they also plan to have more free games that you can only access with an active subscription.

    So bottom line, nothing is changing so far except the name and branding of the Qore service. Other things may change down the line, and they are kind of hinting at that, but as of now, this is non-news.

  • Jay

    Qore will be free on PS+ but is still technically separate from PS+ as well. It’s not really a re-branding or anything, just a packaged deal

  • Darrin

    Jay, I don’t think you understand.

    The Qore subscription and the Qore e-zine are not the same.

    The Qore e-zine was included in the Qore paid subscription package.
    The Qore e-zine is also included in the PlayStation Plus paid subscription package.

    It’s exactly the same.

  • I really would like them to offer good discounts for PS+ users, so it may be worth it. Besides that, Darrin got a point…

  • Jay

    ah, well, the e-zine would still be the same, yes, but that’s still not a re-branding, as you still have the option to purchase them separately, or as the Qore subscription by itself. Qore will still, obviously, have their own deals and specials, but PS+ and Qore are still two different things (especially since the PS+ sales and demos are in the e-zine, and, rather, in the Store itself)

  • Jay

    totally messed up my sentence there. Meant to say the PS+ deals and demos are in the store itself and not in an e-zine

  • derrickgott007

    They are not the same….Qore offered what, a free crap game worse than a browser based game?

    PSN+ provides a heck of a lot of discounts on DLC which I never remember Qore doing. I never saw PSN games for half price to Qore subscribers. And I was never in Qore and was in WAY WAY WAY more beta’s then QORE offered.

  • derrickgott007

    Here is everything that Qore ever offered…

    Jun. 2008, Episode 1 – SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation beta invitation
    Jul. 2008, Episode 2 – Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo early access
    Aug. 2008, Episode 3 – Resistance 2 beta invitation
    Sep. 2008, Episode 4 – MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo early access
    Oct. 2008, Episode 5 – Valkyria Chronicles demo early access
    Nov. 2008, Episode 6 – PlayStation Home closed beta invitation for annual subscribers
    Dec. 2008, Episode 7, Free episode – Flock demo early access for annual subscribers
    Jan. 2009, Episode 8 – F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo early access
    Feb. 2009, Episode 9 – Syphon Filter PS1 classic voucher
    Mar. 2009, Episode 10 – High Velocity Bowling full PSN game voucher for annual subscribers
    Apr. 2009, Episode 11, Free episode – Linger in Shadows voucher and Red Faction: Guerrilla demo early access for annual subscribers
    May 2009, Episode 12 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta invitation for annual subscribers
    Jun. 2009, Episode 13 – Spyro the Dragon PS1 classic voucher
    Jul. 2009, Episode 14 – Battlefield 1943 theme for all purchasers
    Aug. 2009, Episode 15 – High Velocity Bowling PSN game voucher & Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 theme for annual subscribers
    Sep. 2009, Episode 16 – MAG beta invitation for annual subscribers
    Dec. 2009, Episode 19 – ModNation Racers Beta invitation for annual subscribers

    So in all Qore gave out Linger in the Shadows (CRAP) Spyro the Dragon(Crap) and Syphon Filter(Decent) and a few beta invites to which I got into WITHOUT buying Qore.

  • Darrin

    “the PS+ deals and demos are in the store itself and not in an e-zine”

    This is not true. One or two of the games were linked from inside of the e-zine, but for all the betas and early demos, you got emailed a code that you had to enter into the PSN store, and they e-zine had no connection to it at all.

    “but PS+ and Qore are still two different things”

    I don’t know if that’s true yet.

    And if do continue both, will they both have the same betas/demos? Will PS+ have more free games? Is that the only difference?

    I would be surprised if they continue Qore as a subscription in addition to PS+. I expect the Qore subscription to be merged into PS+.

  • Jay

    I believe Qore will have its own exclusive betas and demos (via the emailed codes and the like) like they do now. If PS+ is to get those same betas and demos, they would probably still get them before the Qore subscribers, or both will just have different offerings altogether. But as is, yes, Qore is still a separate subscription you can get, and episodes still need to be bought separately if you aren’t a subscriber.

  • Plus or Qore, Veronica Belmont can vacuum-clean my wallet.