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7 Medal Of Honor Beta Codes for FREE!!! |

I just came across some more beta codes and decided to let you have them first come first serve. To get your download code, you need to go to and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you include the dashes when entering these codes. Please let us know by posting a comment with what number code you used so others don’t waste time trying that same code. Enjoy!!
EDIT: They are supposedly all used up.. stay tuned to for another giveaway soon
1) 6NXP-4ZXM-2CH9-9K8E

  • Lan

    I managed to get number 3, but 5,6, and 7 were claimed

  • LazerFX

    To save everyone the trouble, as no comments have been posted, I’ll just say they’ve all been used. Thanks for posting a comment to say you’ve used them, everyone.

  • Slamma

    All of them are taken 🙁

  • wow that went fast.. thanx for posting guys

  • Thanks! Managed to get one 🙂

  • Mike did u get one after the others said they were gone?

  • Negatron

    Does anyone know were i can get beta code..if there’s any left..

  • Julio09611

    How Can I get the code

  • vele21

    can someone gameshare with me i rly want it thx psn id RIMILEV_SRB

  • Jamster

    Hi, does anyone have an unused code? I have always been a big fan of Medal of Honor and missed out on getting a code.

    Anyone please message me and I can give u any prestige u want or 100hs.

    PSN: i-800-u-got-ownd

    Thanks 🙂

  • TR x Spartan

    When is the next time codes will be posted, any idea? That hint you dropped about more coming soon is rather torturous lol

  • i said to stay tuned for more giveways.. didnt say More MOH codes 8-( the site just gave away 3 $20 psn cards… and more stuff coming in next couple weeks

  • how u do the code

    how do u put it do u put it on a reedeam code

  • Oly

    They are all taken.. sorry