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Monthly Archives: June 2010

More In-Depth PlayStation Plus Info

June 24, 2010 | | 23 Comments

Over at the Official Blog, Susan Panico, Sr. Director of the PlayStation Network has gone into a little more detail as to what the features for PS+ are. To begin, most of us are already aware that a 3 month subscription is $18 and a 1 year subscription is $50. For a limited time, you get 3 free months with the 1 year subscription as well (15 months in other words). You can pay for the service the same way you pay for anything in the store, through PSN cards and credit/debit cards.

During a given month, you can download free Minis, PSOne and PSN games. The titles available will change each month and replace the previous month’s. Once you download a PSN title, it’s yours as long as you are a subscriber. If your subscription lapses, you won’t be able to access them again, but you can get a new subscription and the titles you had previously will become playable again. If you delete the title, you can also re-download it, too (as long as you downloaded it before, and the title doesn’t show in the PS+ part of the store because it’s a new month, you can find it in the regular store and still get it for free).

Dynamic themes, avatars, premium game elements (that’s new), etc. will be able to be kept forever, even after your subscription. Some of these items will only be available to PS+ members. You also get steeper discounts than regular sales, and these discounts range from 20%-50% off. Discounted purchases are yours to keep.

Check after the bump for a few more details on the full game trials and automatic updates (as well as a few other bits of information)

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Inafune: “It’s a dark time for Japanese Games Industry…”

June 24, 2010 | | 12 Comments

We already heard that before last year at Tokyo Game Show, and this prediction is becoming quite common from Japanese developers. According to Keiji Inafune, creator of many successful titles like the Mega Man series and the upcoming Dead … Read More

Poll: Which are you looking forward to getting your hands/eyes on more?

June 24, 2010 | | One Comment

On the last poll a lot of you wanted to see PS2 titles come to the PlayStation Store. No announcement on that was made though. A few of us wanted a better web browser. I’d like to see Google Chrome … Read More

Blu-ray Releases for the Week of 6.24.10 and last week

June 24, 2010 | | 2 Comments

The Book of Eli I never got around to watching, but it seemed interesting. The beginning of the new 3D movies starts with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. So if anyone got one of the new 3D-HDTV’s … Read More

Ninokuni (Miyazaki!!!) PS3 Screens

June 24, 2010 | | 7 Comments

Miyazaki fans will be extremely happy with the current releases of pictures and trailers that have came out recently. The game is beautiful and carries the Miyazaki charm as all of his movies did. I’m still not entirely sure … Read More

PlayStation Store Global Update for the Week of 06/20

June 23, 2010 |

[tab:Highlights] There are quite a few dynamic and premium themes (and a few avatars) in the US store this week. As far as new games go, though, there are a couple Minis and Sam and Max Episode 303 released … Read More

Best of E3 2010 Vote Results!

June 23, 2010 | | 8 Comments

See all individual votes and comments here.

Best E3 Press Conference

First: Sony. It’s good to see that the PS3 fans were not disappointed! Distant Second: Nintendo. They definitely had the most surprise factor and the most reveals.

Worse … Read More

World Cup Avatars!

June 23, 2010 |

Hey, World Cup fans! Would to like to point out that Sackboy is a World Cup fan. But it seems like he doesn’t know what team to root for, so he’s rooting everyone! The PSN Store has updated the Avatars … Read More