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DiRT 3 in the Works! New Trailer!

If anyone has been watching the X Games on ESPN today, the reveal trailer for DiRT 3 was shown (I missed the trailer on TV, but I did watch most of the RallyCross event). The trailer shows off drive-by shots of some of the supposed tracks in the game (which blend into one another), and one of the new features seems to be snow, and the track variety seems to be kicked up a notch, which I hope is the case as, despite DiRT 2 being a great off-road racer, the track variety was lacking.

At the end, it appears that there might be a stunt arena of sorts, which would be pretty cool (the ramp in the background almost looks like the 70 foot ramp from today’s event, though). Given that, I wonder if they would have cross-over races like that in the game (1-on-1, with one person starting on one half of the track and the other driver on the other half, with both racers eventually crossing over and racing the entire track).


Insomniac Announcing New PS3 Game Soon


Insomniac Games recently announced in their August newsletter that they will be revealing their latest project between now and PAX West!

Here’s a bit of what the newsletter read:

With that, we’re happy to reveal that we’ll be announcing our newest game sometime between now and the Penny-Arcade Expo over Labor Day weekend. We’re really excited to finally reveal this project, and we couldn’t resist being the first to share the news with you. Even bigger news is that newsletter subscribers will be the first folks to see the trailer: the instant we announce the game – we’ll be blasting a newsletter with the trailer for you to view at home. The only way to be the very first to see what we’re cooking up next – is to be a subscriber of this newsletter –so tell your friends!

If you’ll recall Insomniac signed a deal with Electronics Arts in a move to release future multi-platform games. It’s unclear if this new game will be a multi-platform one but it will be in demo form for the PS3 ,according to reports, at PAX 2010 on September 4th at 6:30 p.m.

Resistance 3 anyone?

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PS3 3.41 Firmware causing Hard Drive upgrade problems?

Sony just recently released the 3.41 firmware that adds a “You may like” section on the PS Store. But it seems to be causing problems to anyone trying to upgrade their hard drives.

As a 30-page strong thread on the official PlayStation forums reveals, folks upgrading their hard drive have been getting a “no applicable data” error after trying to install the update, which has left them with a non-working PS3 and, in some cases, a corrupted original drive. According to CVG, the issue may have something to do with a newly discovered feature of the 3.41 update that allows for more incremental patches, which might also explain why the problem only seems to be affecting PS3s where the firmware is stored in on the hard drive instead of the system’s memory.
Sony has not made any official statements regarding this one. Any of yall updated without experiencing any problems like this? Im kind of hesitant to update right now since im using a USB storage method, even though I’m not upgrading my hard drive.



ModNation Racers Patch Next Week: Decreased Load Times and More!!

According to IGN, ModNation Racers is patching some issues and tweaking a lot next week.

Most important to me, and probably many others, is the slashing of ridiculous load times. “Sony is reporting that in some cases those loads will be 50 percent faster.” To me this was almost a complete game killer, although it did give me time to get something to eat, use the restroom, and watch my favorite TV show while waiting to join a race. Seriously though, this might bring me back to playing more.

The rest of the announced updates are after the jump.

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