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Sony: Nintendo “shouldn’t bash” what we’re doing with 3D |

It’s pretty common practice for major publishers to throw jabs at each others’ hardware and gameplan, but when Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida was asked about Nintendo’s criticism of their 3D push, he took the “don’t hate, appreciate” route.

While Sony had been busying itself with 3D TVs, 3D games, and 3D-fying systems, Nintendo has been fortifying the 3DS. Both publishers are the only ones with announced 3D gaming systems, but they’re clearly going about it differently.

“I have hope that they have a broader perspective with 3D,” Yoshida said. “When you listen to what they are saying about the effect of 3D perspective to the games, they are saying the same message we are, but they don’t have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing.”

But instead of launching a counterattack, Yoshida extends the arm of friendship. “I think as an industry we should preach this new perspective, from a very large cinema screen to a small portable, because that helps advancing the games and the game industry,” he said. “We’d like to work together to promote 3D.”

[via IGN]

  • EdEN

    Wow, seriously? After every shot Sony has taken on Nintendo ever since the Wii released AND the ones they took when they started promoting Move they cry foul when Nintendo says “you don’t need clumsy 3D glasses to watch the 3D on our handhled”.

  • sam

    Sony called the Wii a gimmick and tons of other things for first 3 years of it’s life. screw that, don’t cry foul over nintendo saying something about glasses. they are goofy and most people dont like wearing them. FACT

    Sony knows that the 3ds will sell a bunch of units and make 3d even more popular, thus increasing interest in 3d tvs which they sell. The only competetive edge nintendo has is to promote glasses free technology as the superior version, which it is.

    why does kevin butler make jabs about wii sports and kinect when they are all trying to push motion controlled gaming.

    i dont care that much i just hate when companies are hypocritical

  • i think this is so stupid they fight about who has the best console or software and other stuf. but i don’t care i’m a consumer i love it i buy it.
    and sony you were moking the nintendo wii’s controlerwhy do you get
    like thatifthey say something about youre hardware.if you don’t like it why do you do it.