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May 2010 Hardware Sales |

System United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation Portable 59,400 136,678 196,078 -15.44%
Xbox 360 194,600 20,394 214,994 +11.97%
PlayStation 3 154,500 105,661 260,161 +41.05%
Wii 334,800 106,728 441,528 +21.61%
Nintendo DS 383,700 151,353 535,053 -36.92%

Congrats to PS3, for largest year over year gains!

Two negatives from a sales data perspective:

NPD has delayed their public release of US sales data, which is understandable. They are serving paying customers, not us non-paying consumers. However, I imagine that they get a lot of publicity from this. has stopped updating their Japan software sales.

  • EdEN

    The sales boost for the PS3 slim seems to have gone. What game in the next two months do you guys think will boost hardware sales on each of the consoles?

  • Well, Modnation Racers sold under 100k. It came in 18th. Lost Planet 2 ( PS3 ) was rejected, it didn’t make the top 20 at all.

  • Thierry

    why not invluding the european sales?

  • Jay

    do you have a reliable source for EU sales?