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Red Dead: Game Night 7/3 |

We are glad to announce that the second official Red Dead Redemption game night is close at hand, in fact it’s tonight!
On Saturday July 3rd from 8:30PM EST -11:00PM EST or later, Sinlock and Demerson will be co-hosting an evening of Bushwacking and Horse theft.

This week, we will be adding a new feature……Prizes!
Prizes will be awarded to players who bring extra life to the game. Be it by shooting skills, dying skills, antics, teamwork, or anything we deem to be cool. Awards will be in the form of Blog Points. If there is someone who puts their best foot forward and really blows us away they will recive a special prize thats a bit more tangible. Baring that the prize will be caried over to a later event.

At 8:30 Sinlock will host a Pre-game in Public Free Roam to help others earn the “Have Gun Will Travel’ and “Hit the Trail” Trophies and any others that may be needed.

At 9:00PM the Official game will begin, We will move to a Private Free Roam game that will be invite only*. We’ll do a mix of Free Roam and Co-Op.

At 10:00PM Things get personal with Gang match ups, Free for all, Gold rush, Grab the bag, and other ways of killing your fellow man.

Here are some details.

Due to the way in how RDR handles parties, only people on a players Friends list can be invited into a Private Match. To get around this limitation people wishing to join us for Game Night should send an PSN friend request to one of the two Co-hosts. Please mention Game Night in the topic and your user name on the Blog so we know who you are. Lots of people use a different name on PSN than on the Blog.

Sinlock’s PSN = Sinlock and Demerson’s PSN = DZounar

Mic/Headsets are not required but will help make it more enjoyable for everyone. Almost any Bluetooth headset can be used with the PS3.

The responce from last weeks Game Night was great and we were told by the members they want to make use of the Co-Op missions. Now that the Co-Op has been fixed and is stable we’ll be adding it to the normal lineup of games we’ll play. If you have not downloaded the new DLC for Red Dead Redemption make sure you do so, It’s free and only takes 15 mins to do.

** is a family friendly community although we are killing each other, we will be gentlemen about it. That way the hosts do not have to make use of the boot feature**

  • Jay

    lol, I will be winning the prize for constantly accidentally jumping my horse off high cliffs, while I’m still on it haha

  • @JimmyMagnum this award requires YOU to donate points… πŸ˜€

  • By the way, Sinlock is the bad cowboy, and I’m the good one. Now we are looking for the ugly…

  • Jay

    lol, what would constitute the ugly?

  • You’ll do.
    Untill we find someone more ugly. At first I was going to have Demerson be the Good and Ugly one.

  • @Sinlock @JimmyMagnum It’s said I’m versatile, that’s why…

  • Ace

    I’ll be sure to make this one. πŸ™‚

  • I need a practice invite lol

  • Great idea with the Prizes. I’ll just wait for this new feature

  • @Oly1kenobi
    Send me a PSN message when you’d like to try.
    But it’s pretty straight forward. During game I watch for when people log on. I give them a few mins to get the game up and running then I send them an invite from the muliplayer system (SELECT, R1, Triangle).

  • if i’m home i’m up for this!

  • I’ll be there.

  • Sinlock:

    Send me a PSN message when you’d like to try.
    But it’s pretty straight forward. During game I watch for when people log on. I give them a few mins to get the game up and running then I send them an invite from the muliplayer system (SELECT, R1, Triangle).  


    I know, just meant to see if It will actually let me join this time lol

  • @Oly1Kenobi Next time you don’t show up we’ll award you with the “Le Poulet” honorable mention…

  • Jay

    @Oly: when you set up a network connection on the PS3, give it a static IP, and then go into your router and put that IP in the DMZ. It fixed my problem, and your problem sounds like the same one I was having. You can read more info on that here:

  • Ya I have an open port.. never had any problems until that night.. lol I’ll check it out thanx Jay

  • @Oly1Kenobi I insist, you’re deserving that award… πŸ™‚

  • Jay

    it might be another port that is causing the problem, though. So, instead of trying to figure which port that is, put it on the DMZ so they’re all open

  • Folks,
    Please remember to mention the Blog and game night in your friends request. If you don’t I will not accept your friend request. I get random invites pretty often, that for the most part I ignore. So please mention the Blog.

  • @Sinlock Random invites, huh? You’re getting pretty popular… πŸ˜›

  • Yea well…
    When Fatalveli’s not around, I come across as a pretty good player. When he is around we all come across as people with bullets in our forheads.

  • I’ll do a write up on the game night on Monday.
    Going to busy cooking, drinking, cooking blowing stuff up, cooking, drinking.

    If theres any left I’ll E-mail you all some of my 5 hour BBQ ribs.

  • @Sinlock A little advice on writing: take a sip… πŸ˜€

  • Looks like I missed this game night, will you be having one again?

  • @Scott, stay tuned, it’s likely that we’ll have another one soon. As long as Sinlock is winning, we can make it in a weekly basis… πŸ˜›

  • @Scott Yes there should be another game night next week on Saturday.

    @Demerson Thats an interesting way to put it. As people tend to rack up tons of kills on me when I’m in the menu system sending Invites. (Sometimes for the 6th time)

  • @Sinlock, I told you, it was Farmer MacGuffin’s curse… I should have never touched his daughter…

    Sinlock is winning while the others are whining… πŸ˜€

  • I told you to stay away from MacGuffin’s daughter.
    The worst part is, that if you’d taken a closer look you would have seen she’s actualy Farmer MacGuffin’s son.

    The Recap should be up soon. Points have already been sent to the winners.

  • @Sinlock See, the curse is already in place! She was he!