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Life’s Tough: A RDR Chronicle Contest Winner… |

This is one of the winners of the Red Dead Redemption Chronicles Contest. It was written by EdEN, and I must say, it tore me apart. It’s completely different from Oly1Kenobi’s chronicle though, and it proved that we have very good creative content flowing around us. His piece really drove me through the history and made me cry a river.

Fine, enough sentimentalism, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

What good is fighting when in the end all you’re rewarded with is despair and sorrow? How can you find the strength to cling on to hope when at night you can’t even find a path that leads you to dream of today let alone of tomorrow?

There’s no justice in this world, all that exists is power and it goes to the highest bidder. Gold brings families together but greed tears towns apart. You want change? You want a revolution? Then you must pay the price, usually in more ways than one.

How far are you willing to go to satisfy your needs… or what you think are needs but in reality are nothing more than petty desires that can never fill the void left by misery, a cold mistress that chips away at your soul one drop at a time, but with the force of a waterfall once a lifetime has passed. Each step we take we do so to move forward, but without us knowing we sometimes end up taking several steps back. I’ve done some terrible things in my life and I can’t ever fully justify my actions.

In the end, all that matters is family. It’s what’s been driving me for all these years and the one thing that makes me realize, even if just for an instant, that light can part the blackest of clouds, always trying to find a way into ones chest. A man without family is only a corpse slowly stumbling until the day someone realizes they need to be fit into a pine box.

I would have wanted to be around more, to say this to you face to face but I never had the courage to confront my reality. It is only in this piece of paper that I can find a way to tell you that we have the power to change everything around us but we’re usually too selfish or cowardly to look up from our booze and stare at the real world.

I miss you, I honestly do. And if you’re reading this I just hope you understand that all I’m trying to say is that you must always realize that life’s temptations will try to chronicle your path, and you must never allow them to take you off the good road. It happened to me and it cost me dearly.

Take care of your mother Jack, because if you’ve read this I won’t be able to anymore…

John Marston

  • Wow, a really nice piece! I’m touched!

  • EdEN

    Glad you liked Sravan.

    Guess not having a funny picture of Jay to go along with the post brings down the comments on it hahaha.

  • @EdEN, people stared and started to think about life the moment they finished reading your story, that’s why comments are low… But hey, this story is not even a day older… 😀

  • EdEN

    Sure, the week is still young. Let’s see what the rest think about it.

  • Very different approach, I like it. Last sentence really hits it home. Do you write short stories often EdEN?

  • EdEN

    @Tosh: Not really. I saw the contest and decided “why not?” It was one of those days when everything just clicks and I was definitely in a “down” mood that day so it helped.

    Took my PSN card and subscribed to PS+ so that definitely changed the mood for the rest of the week!

  • @EdEN Glad everything ended up well!

  • great Letter Eden.. slow comments probably because of the holiday weekend.. first time ive been on..

  • plus u have more comments than my story now lol

  • EdEN

    Well, considering I now have FOUR comments on this story by myself, does it really count? Hahaha.

    Glad you liked it Oly. As Demerson and Tosh said, I went for something a little different and turns out it was all for the best since I’m enjoying PS+ hehehe.

    Waiting for the final winning entry and see how it goes along your story and mine…