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Leave it to Sony to Snatch Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory |

After a dismal first few years with sporadic sales boost from time-to-time, sales of the PS3 really didn’t catch fire until the official introduction of the PS3 SLIM nearly a year ago.  At $299 the PS3 SLIM was finally at the right price for those who were hesitant to purchase the machine at it’s previous price tag. The hardware gap between Sony’s and Microsoft’s systems quickly shrank thanks to the PS3 SLIM.

Companies like Activision predicted that the PS3 would outsell the 360 this year. With huge software titles releasing this year, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain, Sony’s PS3 was finally in a winning position. Unfortunately none of these titles pushed hardware sales for the system. Not even the highly anticipated exclusive God of War 3. This is due to the fact that the PS3 SLIM has been plagued by shortages.

Depending on where you live, you’d be hard pressed to find a system in stores, including GameStop. In a recent earnings call with investors, GameSpot warned that PS3 shortages are expected to continue.”Consequently, I can tell you that we do anticipate that we will be in that situation for the PS3 for another couple of months, unfortunately, because we could sell a lot more hardware than what we have on both that and the Wii platform.”

While Sony found a way to sabotage it’s own success for nearly a year with PS3 shortages ( intentional or not ) Microsoft hasn’t wasted anytime with their new 360 design and getting it into stores. The newly designed XBox 360 is the same price as the PS3 SLIM with the older models receiving a price cut. Millions of XBox fans will probably jump on the new design which will boost sales of the system for the foreseeable future. Not to mention those who may be interested in purchasing a PS3 SLIM for a family member but can’t find one in stock will be encouraged to buy the competition’s product.

Sony may be competing with Microsoft in the battle for the all important second place, but sometimes it seems that Sony is it’s own worse enemy.

  • You do know that on a worldwide basis Sony did outsell the 360 with a PS3 for the past year and a half or so?

  • Nightflash

    Dismal sales untill the Slim was introduced? It sold at more or less the same pace as the 360 did since it launched, despite the higher price tag. So it was not the kind of sales people expected from the PS2 successor, but considering the circumstances anyone with minimal understanding of the market would’ve expected the number of sales it had to that time.

    Then again: first it’s bad that the PS3 doesn’t sell, now it continues to be sold out at many locations and it’s bad news as well?
    Was it the intention to write this article with a negative spin?

  • Jonaskin

    Worldwide, the PS3 is tipped to outsell the 360 on total life to date numbers by the end of the year. The gap is down to only 3m or so consoles as of the last quarterly sales charts and the PS3 is consistently outselling the 360 month over month worldwide.

  • Yes the gap has narrowed, but sales have slowed alot in recent months in the US and Japan. We’ll probably never know EU numbers.

    I think the slow down is because of the shortages and now that microsoft has introduced their new 360 redesign, I believe that thanks to Sony being unprepared for the demand of PS3s they’ve blown the oppurtunity to take the lead from Microsoft.

    We’ll see in the coming months.