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[Review] Tales of Monkey Island |

Last year the Tales of Monkey Island was released on the PC, and it’s nice to see the PS3 getting some love with one of the biggest adventure franchises of all time. The game comes very much like the Sam & Max episodic adventure series that recently hit the PSN with 5 episodes in total putting you in the boots of none other than Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate. As with most of his adventures if Guybrush isn’t searching for treasure he is off trying to save his wife from the evil clutches of the pirate LeChuck. With a great cast of supporting characters as well the many different engaging environments players are in for a treat. Anyone who has tried the previous games knows that they are in for a ride of swash buckling fun through the many different intriguing puzzles, humor, twists and turns all throughout the game.

You kick things of in the first episode: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal in which you have to save the damsel in distress and LeChuck is setting the dinner table (a one way ticket to Davey Jones Locker) for his arch nemesis Guybrush Threepwood. It is here that you have to get the creative juices flowing to solve the puzzles to rescues Elaine and sail into the sunset. Unfortunately being a mighty pirate isn’t always easy and things take a turn for the worst and set you on an epic quest all over the Caribbean to set things right once and for all. Right from the very beginning you see what an amazing job the Telltale team did in immersing the player into the game, with all the witty comments, artistic scenery, clever puzzles, as well as building a story which can seem to start out somewhat slow but picks up steam as you progress from episode to episode.

Another great addition to the game is the amount of detail that was put into the characters. Besides interacting with different characters to help get an understanding of what may need to be done next you will get a deep understanding of just how the different characters feel about one other as you play through the game. Although Guybrush is a mighty pirate, one can’t stop and notice that he isn’t the brightest star in the sky, but that doesn’t stop Elaine for showing how much she cares about him. There are times in the game where you might want to just face palm yourself because of the intense humor that you get out of Guybrush but no matter what he does Elaine is in his corner. This in no way is meant to make the game seem like a Hollywood love story but it is meant to show the depth of emotion that some of these characters have for each other.

Like many of the other Monkey Island games you will have to think outside the box to solve all of the different issues that you might come against. That’s not saying that you are going to struggle with ever puzzle you come across but you might find some of the puzzle’s a little bit more challenging than the previous. The great thing about the game is that you can always go and talk to the characters that you’ve already spoken too to see if you can gather a clue or two to help you along the way. If that isn’t enough you can always hit one of the buttons on the controller to get a set of dots to appear showing all of the different things you can interact with, and if all else fails and you want to be a lazy pirate you can just bump up the hint frequency meter and good old Guybrush will spout out something of interest. For those of you who may want a more challenging game can always turn the hint frequency all the way down so that Guybrush won’t say something silly. Also hitting one of the other buttons on the controller will only give you one dot which can be used for position just so you’re not walking around the object 20 times to get the perfect spot to interact with it.

With about 18 hours of gameplay, a great new story line that takes you on a rollercoaster from start to finish everyone should give this one a try. Although I have noticed some performance glitches between movements, those are far and few from the hours of fun you’ll be having with this one. Coming in at only $19.99 this one is a sure buy.


Cool locations
Great Humor
Fun for everyone
Easy to pick up
Hint system for those who need it
Some performance issues
Puzzels could be some what harder


This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Tales of Monkey Island provided by Telltale Games.

  • Nice review! I’m a fan of Monkey Island series, and Telltale did a great job not ruining all the original fun Ron Gilbert gave us a long time ago…

  • Thanks Demerson, we will talk about me give you 50 points later 😉
    I remember playing the very first Monkey Island game back on my Sega CD in the early 90’s. Man if you compare those graphics to the one that they recreated and re-released not to long ago you really notice how much everything has really changed.

  • EdEN

    I own the full season and I’m waiting for my “premium upgrade” to be mailed to me by the end of the month. Love Telltale’s games and look forward to what they can do with Jurassic Park and Back From the Future.

  • Jonaskin

    I’m going to get Monkey Island 1 and 2 special editions and play through those (LOVED all the old LucasArts games, Fate of Atlantis was the best IMO), then give this a blast. I’ve never played an episodic game before so don’t really know what to expect from one, but I know what I expect from an adventure game and I’m glad it sounds like I won’t be let down.

  • I never played Monkey Island 2 but loved the first one. I am kind of on the fence about getting it, and dissappointed with the Monkey Island 2 demo because it’s so darn short.

  • EdEN

    The Monkey Island Remakes should be bundled in a month or two on PSN, which is when I’ll get them. Have to save when possible.

  • Wow Luke you played thru that fast!! LOL Great Review.

  • I played the first episode on the PC, there is enough hours there to play.

    I think I will wait for a sale before I purchase though.