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Sony working on “future platforms” |

In Develop Shuhei Yoshida emphasises that Sony did learn from it’s mistakes in the past. Sony is now collaborating very closely with all it’s first party studios to ensure that new products are as developer-friendly as possible.

When Ken Kutaragi former president of SCE moved on he immediatly told his successor, Kaz Hirai, to go out and talk with developers and to get them more involved in the design process of new products.

This change in philosophy created a new vibe within Sony that should result in better hardware that is easier to develop games for.

Yoshida admitted that there is a lot of activities going on behind the scenes that are not yet known to the public, one of them is “Some future platform-relative activities”. Which means they are at work on PSP2 and PS4. I know this is something that people consider very speculative, but business wise it’s very normal. Developling a console costs a lot of time and resources. I suspect that Sony actually started development on the next iteration right after the completion of the current generation of platforms. Even with console lifetimes in the ten year region, there were ‘only’ six years between the launch of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation3.

Yoshida came in the picture during the difficult start of the PS3. At that time most, if not all, third party developers weren’t able to tune into the raw calculating power that the PS3 holds.

One of the first new hardware products that enjoyed the Sony-developer synergy is Move. I am very curious to see what other innovations and changes will take place in both current and next gen Sony products.

  • I’m seriously thinking about making the PS3 my last console. This whole console war with the fanboys on both sides is becoming a turn off. Then there’s gamers and developers who demand graphics over gameplay which takes the fun out of gaming.

  • Jonaskin

    I’d go out on a limb and say the exact oposite – my PS3 has refueled my gaming addiction. Not that it ever went away, but during the 16 and 32 bit eras I was RABID. Granted I still played a lot of my PS2 and XBox (and Dreamcast 🙂 ) but the games didn’t grab me anywhere near as much as, say, Uncharted, Infamous or COD4 (best 3 games I’ve played this gen IMO).

    Apart from the good old Sega Megadrive, the PS3 would just about be my favourite console.

    Bring on the PS4 – remember though, Sony started rumbling about the PS3 a very long time before it even came close to a reality – I remember reading about plans for it including the cell way back around 2002/2003ish I think?

  • I have a strong feeling this other Platform.. is an IPAD type device that will destroy Apple

  • I just got my ps3 and there thinking of making a ps4, and who knows how much it’s going to cost, well time to start saving . . . . again.