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Special Red Dead Redemption Sale Crashes GameStop |

Today at 12:00pm est GameStop kicked off their powerhour sale. During the sales event GameSpot began offering one of the biggest games of 2010, Red Dead Redemption, for more than half off. The PS3 version of RDR was discounted to the attractive price of just $23.99.

Once word spread about the powerhour sale, GameStop’s website was subjected to heavy traffic that caused the site to crashed  with reports of errors such as “Server too Busy” or loads a blank screen. GameStop’s sister site, EBGames, which also featured the sale, received similar server problems as well.

The sale ended at 1:00pm est and both sites are up an running smoothly again. A quick check of both websites reveal that the sale was a success as Red Dead Redemption is sold out. 

Hope you got your copy.


  • Oh come on! And here I am paying $45 w/ shipping.

  • omg i missed it!!! I need another copy to play with my son!

  • EdEN

    That would have been nice. The game at half off AND new. Now everyone will be stalking for the next offer.

  • I’m so mad that I missed this offer. I want the game bad but I just can’t swing 60 bucks right now.