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DeathSpank for the PSN Tommorow!! |

As Demerson informed us here, DeathSpank is coming to the PSN tommorow for $14.99. DeathSpank was created by Ron Gilbert, the man who gave us Monkey Island, and is an action/hack-n-slash/RPG. It looks like it is going to be really fun, as well as funny. They are calling it “Diablo meets Monkey Island.”

The world in DeathSpank is cylinder shaped has no load screens. Gameplay is said to be similar to Diablo,except “with more customization, featuring hundreds of pieces of armor and weapons.” There is 10 to 15 hours of main story gameplay,with many side quests. There are also “advance dialog options, similar to LucasArts popular Monkey Island.” Another feature that I’m actually excited about is the two-player local co-op option. I plan on picking this up to play alongside my son.

  • looks fun for those inbetween fast gaming sessions

  • Macdory

    Only around 10 hours gameplay .. according to the interweb

  • $14.99, 10 hours of gameplay, that sounds about right. I wounder if there will be any Playstation Plus discout?

  • EdEN

    PS+ discounts, if I recall, will always only apply to games released at least two months before the day of the “sale” as was said by someone at Sony. Still not final but makes sense since releasing a new game at discount could go either way. It would definitely bring in more profit by volume but who knows?

    Will it have a Platinum or is that only for $19.99 and up PSN games?

  • Day one for me!

  • 14.99 for 10hours of game play sounds great to me.. GOW3 was what 12?? for 59.99 and IMO no replayability…

  • Demo out today for this!! Awesome!!

  • Bought the game.. my kids are all loving it..
    I stayed up till 2am playing it .. great game

  • I bought the game also, if you haven’t tried it already: GO ON !
    It really is a good game !

  • Decided that it’s time to complete Deathspank!