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The Weekly Recap (July 4th-10th) – 1 Year Anniversary |

Celebrating a Full Year of the Weekly Recap!
And don’t forget to check out the contest

[tab:This Week]

So, this is a pretty exciting recap. Been doing it for a full year now and still going. With that, we’re also launching a new contest, so be sure to check out the Community News tab for contest details. Big prizes, too!

Now, for last week’s highlights. Oly informed us that Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is NOT a sequel. You can also read his Day 1 experience at E3. Madagasca wants to know what games you want brought back from the dead. Demerson let us know that a Ratchet and Clank collection could be made, but that the developers themselves won’t be working on it.

Both Ace and SL33PY informed us of Sony working on new hardware (I knew I read that somewhere on here, so sorry for allowing a double posting of a news story :P). Sakinah also told about YouTube‘s plans on getting 3D videos streamed to the PS3, which is a pretty cool idea.

Red Dead Redemption will be receiving more DLC, which include a lot of new single player stuff as well. Dragon Age 2 will be hitting PS3. And Oly showed us a teaser for a Kratos figure made by Sideshow Collectibles, which will have a formal debut at Comic Con.

And finally, read Henning‘s impressions of the long-awaited Canada video store. You can also check out reviews for Tales of Monkey Island and a triple header of minis reviews.

Now, there’s still more to check out, and I advise you to go through it all, especially the new stuff, and the contest. Check out the “A Look Back…” tab, too, for a brief history of the recap. Here’s to another year!

[tab:A Look Back…]
So yeah, I’ve been doing this for a whole year now. Where the heck did the time go? Anyway, in this tab, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane. Each of the pictures links to the original article

So back in the middle of July of last year, and with the increase of articles being posted and the like, I had decided to start doing a weekly recap. Without prior discussion with anyone else on the site, I went ahead and created it. Tosh, who had recently picked up ownership of the site, liked the idea, and since then, the Weekly Recap has come up every week (this is actually recap #53, which means this one is the start of a new year for it). Back then, it was very simple. It only listed articles and who submitted the most comments and the like, and since then, it had actually grown and evolved quite a bit.

A couple weeks later, and after some discussion with Tosh, we changed the main banner to better reflect the new theme Tosh had implemented. It used the font used in the top banner, but had a newly (badly) made background image. It looked a lot cleaner and more professional than the recaps before, at least.

The following Recap, I added some smaller banners, introducing new pieces and the like, giving more content to read. From here on, the more familiar Recaps started, with new banners to mimic the main banner at the top of the recap, dividing it more effectively.

On the November 8th edition, in an effort to get more people involved with the community, and provide links to the Weekly posts, which were not counted, I provided the buttons that are found at the side bar. This was another feature I had used from that moment (the next week, I had added the New Game Releases button, which was another feature I had started).

Now, on the December 13th edition, the recaps gained a bit of color to match the banner at the top. Features and content didn’t change from the previous versions, but it does look a lot better than the grayscale banners. These banners are still in use today.

This is the one that will be most familiar to you. Thanks to a new feature at the time (the tabs), the Recap cleaned up a LOT, and navigation through it was made much, much easier. Until the February 21st edition, Poll results were text-based, but since then, I have used Google gadgets to create interactive graphs.

Quite a few changes in a year. In case you’re wondering, I have added some new stuff to this one as well, in the Community News and Gaming News tabs, so be sure to check those out. As far as this tab goes? It’s a one of, in celebration of keeping this going for a year!

[tab:Community News]

Not too many new features lately, but now, above every comment made by members (who are logged into the site), their point data will also be displayed. Given that points are awarded to people who find some of the new features, its a good idea to become a member, and participate in the Live Chat, where these mini-contests take place.

The only other new feature would have to be the updated Weekly Recap, with these new sub-banners on this, and the Gaming News tab.

To continue with the winning entries for the Red Dead Redemption Chronicle contest, you can now read EdEN’s entry, titled Life’s Tough, and Part one and Part two of David Goransson‘s chronicle, Dirty Pants. As far as part two goes, EdEN won the contest, which entails correctly guessing what would happen next. Though no one guessed correctly, EdEN was randomly selected as the winner.

Now for a new contest. This one requires two parts. Part one, you must create an image superimposed with the avatars of the staff members (you can use either just one, or a combination of avatars). You don’t have to be a professional or anything, but it must, at least, show some effort. If all you have is Paint, that’s perfectly fine. Just be creative! Here’s an example, made by Oly and Demerson (well, Demerson did the caption).

Part two? You will, then, have to submit points to the Lottery. Each lottery entry will be 250 points, with a maximum of 1000 points (4 lottery entries; please donate each 250 points separately).

This way, Oly won’t necessarily win :P. You only need one image, and not one for each lottery entry. If you so choose, you can go ahead and create multiple images, but it’s not going to better your chances of winning. This is also one of the bigger contests, too, thanks to Tosh. Check out the prizes:

  • 1st Prize: $50 PSN Giftcard (you can get PlayStation Plus with this if you haven’t already gotten it)
  • 2nd Prize: T-Shirt
  • 3rd Prize: Points refunded, plus another 500

Now, as for member avatars. here’s the list:


[Edit by Tosh]
Zip file of all the faces except Darrin (don’t have a high rez of him for some reason)

Need a larger version of an image? No problem! Simply PM Tosh and he’ll get them for you.

Good luck to the entrants! Just leave a reply with a link to your image and then proceed with submitting the points. Contest ends July 31st to maximize entries, without having to go into the next month ;).

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[tab:Gaming News]

Stephen Fry recording for LBP2
Trev – July 6th

NBA 2K11 Cover is tongue out
Marc Macayan – July 7th

Dead Rising 2 Cover Revealed
Trev – July 8th

Comic-Con 2010 Thursday Program Schedule to Include SW:ForceUnleashed 2 and AC:Brotherhood
Oly1Kenobi – July 8th

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is not Assassin’s Creed 3
Oly1Kenobi – July 8th

My E3 Experience Day 1 (Part 1)
Oly1Kenobi – July 7th

Leave it to Sony to Snatch Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory
Sakinah – July 8th

PS3/Xbox 360 – Which Game Do You Want To See Brought Back From The Retro Afterlife?
Madagasca – July 9th

Ratchet & Clank PS2 Collection to PS3: Hummm, maybe…
Demerson – July 8th

Penguin United’s Eagle Eye brings keyboard and mouse support to PS3 shooters
Marc Macayan – July 6th

Sony working on “future platforms”
SL33PY – July 7th

All White everything: White PS3 slim in Japan
Marc Macayan – July 6th

Sony working on ‘future platform related activities’
Ace – July 9th

Sony: Microsoft or Nintendo Will Kick Off Eighth Console Generation
Ace – July 9th

Watch Youtube in 3D Soon on Your PS3
Sakinah – July 10th

Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth Causing Havok in ModNation Racers Today!
Oly1Kenobi – July 6th

Remaining Red Dead DLC Announced, Includes Zombie Cowboys
Trev – July 8th

Dragon Age 2: PS3 Bound
Luke – July 8th

Dead Space 2 Prequel Arcade Game Announced
Luke – July 8th

PSN Video Store in Canada – My Impressions
Henning – July 6th

Official Review: Tales of Monkey Island
Luke – July 8th

minis Review Roundup: 5-in-1 Arcade Hits, Fieldrunners, and Age of Zombies
Jay – July 9th

Two Worlds II the secret gem of E3?
Luke – July 9th

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 debuts with a bang
Ace – July 9th

Special Red Dead Redemption Sale Crashes GameStop
Sakinah – July 9th

The Six Worst Video Game Covers Ever
MAINEiac4434 – July 8th

Kratos Statue from Sideshow Collectables Teased for Comic-Con Release
Oly1Kenobi – July 9th

The Prices for Alpha Protocol and UFC: Undistputed have Dropped to $39.99
Oly1Kenobi – July 9th

[tab:Play With Us]

July 10th’s Game Night was one I had missed, unfortunately. Sinlock left for his vacation a day early, and I don’t know if anyone joined Demerson either. Its just been one of those weeks I suppose.

If you missed the previous week’s recap, Sinlock and I had a pretty successful game night. It was a lot of fun, but a couple members had some connection issues.

Other than that, there isn’t one currently planned, but you never know, so keep your eyes peeled!

[tab:Poll Results]

The results for the previous poll can be viewed on the last recap. As for the current poll? We’re asking you “Will you be purchasing the Move?”, so if you haven’t yet voted, be sure to do so!
[tab:Thank You]
Thank you all for a great year. I’m glad to have been getting these up every week (albeit, a little late a few times). Hopefully you like the new changes, as everything news-related should now be easily categorized so you guys can access news that interests you much easier.

Also, beyond the banners shown, I do have a couple more that weren’t used, mainly because we didn’t have any news articles that needed them. Again, thanks for reading the recaps, and good luck to all the contest winners!