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Amazon Opens PlayStation Move Store | wants to be your one-stop-shop for all things Move.

Two months ahead of the launch of PlayStation Move, Amazon has opened the PlayStation Move store. There you can find PlayStation Move hardware, accessories and games; plus detailed information about Move with a section called “What is the PlayStation Move?”.

You’ll also find discounts for several upcoming Move titles including: Sorcery, EyePet, Sports Champions, The Fight: Lights Out and Start the Party all for $36.99.

Amazon’s PlayStation Move Store


  • I don’t see a bundle without the eye. I recognize that the eye hasn’t sold especially well, but that doesn’t mean that sony should punish those who have already bought that hardware. Perhaps the sans-eye bundle will appear by the time of the move release date.

  • EdEN

    I would want a bundle with two move and the camera for $99 since I already own Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort.

  • I’ll be buying this when it comes out in the UK!

    Unless SONY have a spare bundle going for review purposes??!??


  • I am looking forward for it and want to buy it when it comes to town but bundle with two move and camera I am not interested in it because I already have Wii Sports.