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Killzone 3’s “Cinematic Deaths” |

Guerilla is promoting “cinematic deaths” as a new feature on Killzone 3.

“Killzone 3 is strongly influenced by Hollywood realism … Cinematic deaths are the logical progression of this design philosophy, adding a variety of spectacular (and sometimes explosive) new ways for Helghast enemies to perish.”

As seen on the video, the death is truly cinematic, matter of fact its too cinematic that it loses its grasp of realism and physics, making it… just weird. Your thoughts?

  • Jay

    the jet pack part? Obviously the packs were leaking and igniting the fuel. When that happens in a rocket, they tend to erratically fly around with no sense of direction (since, then, the thrust isn’t focused in one direction), so, given that, a leaking jetpack whose fuel was igniting could, theoretically, send you flying into the air, and then straight into the ground depending on weight transfer and direction of thrust.

    Of course, this is a game, but it’s not that far off from realism, but they still had to make it add some flare to the game.

  • I could find reasons for that jet pack part but I’m referring mostly to the “ship that tumbleturns towards you after you hit it with a missile” thing.

  • EdEN

    Well, to me it feels “off”.

  • Everything u shoot in RL flys toward you! Pure Physics!!

  • the plane i think is a rigged death and the jet packs seem to be real. but the creators should just add in some rigged deaths that seemed to be physics like.

  • Jay

    come to think of it, it could be the engine thrust again, considering the left side of the ship wasn’t the part that had been damaged (so, essentially, those engines would still be functioning, causing the ship to spiral from the left upwards, which would also cause it to fly in your direction, too)

  • “Hollywood realism” oxymoron anyone?

  • Everything has too fly toward you the game is in 3D! 🙂

  • SicSemperTyranis:

    Everything has too fly toward you the game is in 3D! :-)   


    like I said.. being 3D is just more realistic soo.. Everything u shoot in RL flys toward you! Pure Physics!!

  • I couldn’t care less about realism. I hate how some people (especially western people) are so obsessed about realism, like every videogame has to be a “real life simulator”. Go live your life, graphics are awesome, physics are perfect and there is unlimited realism.

    I also don’t care very much about 3D and “cinematic deaths”, as both are pretty much aesthetical gimmicks. But, that’s the point, isn’t it? Killzone is your average FPS, only thing it’s more beautiful looking than the average.