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Landit Bandit: Landing on the PSN Today |

You might have seen some news about this game in the past, but the wait is over. The game is coming to the PSN today for a price of $9.99. The game was developed by the “Bearded Ladies”, five guys who wanted to spice things up and stand out. I’d say with a name like “Bearded Ladies” they have done that. Here is a photo of them just to prove that they are not ladies or bearded:

But come on lets face it, we don’t come here to check out guys or their beards. So without further ado here is a video and a little about the game:

The game, Landit Bandit, is a wacky 3D helicopter adventure that pays homage to several old classics such as Ugh! and Crazy Taxi. The controls are intuitive and resemble Moonlander in 3D, but are deep enough to have you playing for hours to master them. The game is aimed at anyone that enjoys flight games or physics-based games in general, or anyone that wants to play something different…’cause we are confident you have not played anything like this before.

Since we are big fans of split-screen gaming, Landit Bandit features both drop-in co-op as well as six different split-screen duels.

  • Wow this might be fun… I hope they release a demo!

  • The guy in the front is holding an Atari ST. For some reason I really like that. 🙂

  • Oly this is in response to your question from one of the guys of the Bearded Ladies Team:

    Haraldur Thormundsson | July 12th, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Hi board, one of the bearded here.

    Wanted to answer some questions.

    1 – First of all there is the question of a demo (which is more of a demand, really 🙂 ). We are a very small team that paid for this title out of our own pockets. Making a demo takes time and needs to go through quality assurance as the full title. We are not writing off a demo in the future, but right now its just not feasible.. …we need some vacation.

    2 – Which brings us to question number two.. long did it take. This first part of this game was made for PC on our inhouse engine, and was actually meant to be a rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. This was about 18 months ago. We met the great 3rd party guys from sony at the nordic games conference just over a year ago, and they showed interest in our game. We recieved our first dev-kit some time in july last year and started porting what we had. At that time we locked ourselves in one small office room and withdrew all weekend permits 😉 So the game as it now stands, about 12 months FULL FULL time.

    continues below..
    Haraldur Thormundsson’s Avatar

    Haraldur Thormundsson | July 12th, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    3 – Ofcourse we spent some of that time implementing a sixaxis support.

    4 – The Atari ST/C64 and VIC20 stuff in the picture and the scene connection. We are all from sweden and there is ofcourse a big demoscene tradition here. Some of us used to arrange demoparties and compete. We actually made a small 64k invtro under the name bearded ladies a few years back.. for that :).

    Seems to be a few people who want to start their own.. .here is our formal reply : DO IT! (here is step nr 1 :

    – The Bearded Ladies

  • earl

    for some reason I find myself annoyed how everytime this game is mentioned they always talk about the authors being known as “the bearded ladies.” who knows them as that? who ever heard of them? is it necessary to dress up for photo shoots and have promo photos of the authors that go along with this tiny game?

    why are they getting all this attention and hype?

    every site just copies the information and includes the whole bit about “the fascinating bearded ladies” group of programmers.

    I’m sure those guys are swell, but why is this case so different?

  • I think it’s a unique name Earl. Just makes them stand out, it’s a good marketing ploy. You hear the name laugh, talk about their game(s), keep them in ur head because it’s easy to remember them.

    If I ever post about them I will be sure to leave the thing about them being called the bearded ladies okay?