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PlayStation Move to launch in these three flavors |

As announced by Sony back in E3, PlayStation Move will come bundled with the hardware you’ll need to make it work. By “hardware”, I mean the PS3 and the PlayStation Eye. Depending on which one/s of those you already have, you’ll have the option of deciding between these three packages.

If you don’t have a PS3 or are in need of a new one, there’s the package that bundles a PS3, a copy of Sports Champions, a PlayStation Eye, and the PlayStation Move. This package retails for US$ 399.99.


See the rest of the bundles after the jump.

If you already have a PS3 but not a PlayStation Eye, then you want the PlayStation Move Bundle, which gives you the same stuff above, minus the PS3 unit. This one retails at US$ 99.99.


If Move is all you need, you can just go standalone for US$ 49.99 (pictured left below).


To be sold separately from all those will be the PlayStation Move Navigation controller, which serves as a complement to the main motion controller. It’s entirely optional, and for the games that’ll need a secondary controller, the PS3 controller will do everything that this one does. This one will retail at US$ 29.99 (pictured right above).

Many people are complaining about Sony not making a bundle with the Move and The Navigation controller. They’re mad because they already have the PlayStation eye and feel that they got left out. I have to agree with them I’m surprised Sony hasn’t announced a Move and Navigation controller bundle yet, maybe we’ll see something closer to release.

[via PlayStation Blog]

  • Jay

    I think, at least for the first few months, the controller by itself should include the game along with it.

    As far as future bundles go, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a ‘complete’ bundle sometime in the future. By ‘complete bundle’ I mean it includes two Move controllers, a Navigation controller, and a free game, with other variants including an Eye and the system itself. Of course, this would drive up costs rather quickly, but for a complete package like that on the system bundle alone, it could potentially only cost about $450, since you should be able to save money on bundling stuff like that

    Sports Champions will retail separately as well, but for $40.

  • Ace

    I agree, lets hope for future bundles. I hope the Move gets the right amount of attention and doesn’t get left out of the picture…

  • Jay

    hopefully retailers will have their own bundles as well. I can potentially see some of them go with a “Buy a PS3 Move System bundle, get a second Move controller free”

  • Ace

    Now that would be a kick ass deal.

  • Jay: I think, at least for the first few months, the controller by itself should include the game along with it.

    I’d like to see that as well. Give people an incentive for buying it.

    If you buy a Move controller and the game your already at $90 just $10 from the bundle that comes with a Move Controller, Game and PS Eye.

    Hopefully people give Move a chance it has awesome potential. I wish the prices for the hardware was like this honestly.

    $45 Move Controller
    $25 Move Sub-Controller

  • EdEN

    My ideal bundle would be:

    PS Eye
    Move Controller
    Navigation Controller

    All that for $100 and they have my money. As it is, I already own Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort so Sports Champions isn’t something I want.

  • So you want the PS Eye = $30, Move Controller = $50, Sub Controller = $30, and a game which will probably be $50 – $60 for $100?

    You sure you not looking for some stolen merchandise?

  • Blackstaffer

    All the prices are too high.

    For something that people aren’t even sure they want, that’s a sure way to make sure the product never gets off the ground.

  • I think the prices are very reasonable. I just think like most people above, that there should be a more complete bundle. Though if they made a more complete bundle, the price would have to go up and then you would have alot more people bitching about the price. Sony can’t win either way.

  • I know one thing, I hope that Jay is right about retailers creating their own bundles. That would be sweet.

  • Jonaskin

    I need two Move controllers and an eye. I’ll go without the navigation controllers for now if the DS3 can perform the same tasks but may pick one up later.

    As for games, I’ll be picking up Sports Champions (even though I already have a Wii) and Sorcery.

    I really hope the Move pwns Kinect but MS have been marketing the hell out of it already.

  • Going to pick up the Move bundle and a Sub. Then after the Move has proved it’s usefulness I’ll pick up an extra Move.

    As for Sony not having a Move-Sub controler bundle. We’ll I can understand them wanting to keep the number of SKU’s under control, But it would not have hurt to have such a SKU for early adopters then drop it after 6 months if it didn’t sell well enough.

  • They need software for this. I do not understand for the life of me why Sony isn’t making a Sackboy Galaxy “type” game for the move. Import your sackboy from LBP and off you go.
    OR maybe that’s going to be LBP 3. Super Mario type #D world. Move support. 3D world editor. Now that would tear the roof off of the Move. Support it with player made levels and DLC LBP “short game themed levels”.