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Activision unveils new James Bond game |


After a lot of rumors and speculation, Activision has finally unveiled Bizarre Creations’ James Bond game, James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

Among the features mentioned in the press release are cover-based third-person firefights, hand-to-hand combat, and driving sequences on land and in the sea. Also included are several 16-person multi-player modes that has players competing in matches that will have spies battling mercenaries.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone features the likeness and voice talent of Daniel Craig, Joss Stone and Judi Dench. Stone will also provide original music for the game. The game’s original story was developed by legendary screenwriter Bruce Feirstein.

Bizarre is handling development duties for the game’s PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions. A DS version is also being developed by n-Space. No release window for any of the versions was given.


  • I never buy games based on movies, they just never turn out as good as the movies or other games based on similar content.

  • I am willing to be proven wrong though, it just rarely happens.

  • dragonx

    One bond game was good. Golden eye. Leave it at that