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FIFA Rage Quitters |

Without doubt the biggest problem plaguing FIFA 10’s online play is rage quitters, in a game that heavily relies on 1v1 matchmaking it can render playing online almost pointless as the match cannot continue if your opponent has left. In a racing game or shooter like Modern Warfare 2 if one person leaves during a match its not noticeable as there are plenty of other players to keep the game going but in FIFA or other similar sports games its over as soon as they quit. So infuriating is this that there is even a twitter set up to report quitters at a recent personal favourite being this one.

There is definitely nothing more frustrating than scoring a goal or two in the opening minutes of a match and having your opponent quit and lost nothing and the match isn’t counted as a win for you. Just try earning that 100 online wins trophy in FIFA 10 where your opponent quitting doesn’t count for a win. I’ve been trying to decide what the best possible solution for tackling this issue could be and came up with a couple of suggestions.

Continue the match against AI

Have the match continue with the AI taking over the team, this would allow the match to continue seamlessly and you could still go on to earn then win whilst the quitter gets marked down for leaving. The AI difficulty is the only thing I can’t decide upon, whether it’s set to the easiest level to give the player the best chance of maintaining the win or let them pick. The match could be classified as a win automatically as they have quit leaving you free to play out the match with no worries of losing.

Temporary ban

My personal favourite idea is to ban the player from playing another match within a certain time frame, say 30 minutes or an hour. I’m not sure how hard to implement it would be, but it should be enough of an incentive to stop people hopping from one game to another until they can find someone they can beat comfortably. Make them sit out and reflect on what they have done; maybe let them join in team games so they can still play in a match where their quitting does not end the match. When they are allowed to return to 1v1 matches they could even have a symbol next to their username so you could know before kicking off that your opponent has been known to quit too so you can decide as to whether or not you wish to play them.

In fact these two solutions could be combined so that the winner doesn’t lose his win whilst the quitter not only loses but also can’t immediately play again. At the end of the day (excuse football cliché) this shouldn’t be an issue, players should learn that a match is not over in the first 5 minutes. Did the Netherlands quit after going a conceding a goal to Brazil so early on? Or did Manchester United run off before the end when a goal down to Bayern Munich in 1999? Or even Portugal against Korea in 66 where the turned a 3-0 deposit into a 5-3 win? No. They carried on playing what proved to be memorable matches with great come backs. There is a lot to learn from playing online, it should help improve your play.

EA have been quoted as looking at potential solutions with Simon Humber speaking to Eurogamer in February;

“It’s a complex problem. We do have the five-minute rule: if you find your connection’s poor you can drop out within the first five minutes.

“After that there should be a penalty; just in the online world there are complexities that mean by the time the data comes back to our servers, something there means it doesn’t award the win to the right person. So we’re always looking to improve that.”

EA needs to work out an incentive not to quit rather than punishing players, say with Modern Warfare 2 you’d still earn the XP and complete challenges that were done during the match. Unfortunately when I was at EA last month they couldn’t answer any questions about tackling quitters so we still have to wait to find out what action EA will take.

Losing matches and learning where you went wrong helps you to be a better player and in the future. This is a call out to not only the makers of FIFA but also the players, football is a sport, which involves fair play so act sportingly and play on but if you are winning comfortably try not to do the robot after every time you score… So what about you? Are you sick to death of people quitting multiplayer games before they are over, is this affecting any other titles as bad as FIFA?

  • A good article. I’ve been frustrated many times by idiots quitting out when they are losing. And as you say, comebacks are possible: I’ve come back myself from conceding a few early goals to win late on, it’s part of the game.

    However, the only problem for me is that there have been a few occassions where my internet has cut out and I have been disconnected through no fault of my own (once when I was winning 5-0…). It would be annoying to have a ban on top of forfeiting the match.

    But really, I would take that on the rare occassion if it meant that the problem of people quitting out on nearly every game was solved. Or at least sorted out so that I get my wins and don’t end up with about 130 and still no achievement for 100.

    I think you can tell by the length of this comment how much it annoys me, ha

  • I don’t know about Fifa but there have been a lot of quitters in Uncharted 2. I would write it off as someone with a bad connection but too many matches I’ve played that began with 5 vs 5 has ended with 5 vs 3 or vice versa.

    There was one game that ended with 5vs1 and I was the 1.

  • Mark

    Drives me crazy! Iv even started letting them score goals so they think they still have a chance and don’t quit.

  • Alan

    In the Race and GTA Race modes in GTA IV online, loads of people quit rather than finish the race if they think the can’t catch the leader. Very annoying. I made it a personal rule to always finish a race nomatter what.

    I thought a good way to fix it would be to take away points from quitters. In GTA online (if anyone doesn’t know this) you accumulate points from to move up to the next level.

  • Liquid

    The most annoying is when your opponent is almost as good as u and the game seems to be very tensed. Then eventually you score while there’re about 5 minutes in the game left to finish the match and they quit.
    It happened to me 3 or 4 times for last 2 days and I’m not sure I want to keep on playng online as it makes no sense aferwards…

  • Soprano

    One easy solution would be to set up a feedback system like ebay or youtube, where you can give a plus or a minus to your opponent at the end of the match. The actual feedback level should always show up near by the psn id, so that would be easy to spot up quitters. Then, there should be a configurable option to automatically refuse matches from users with very bad feedback.

  • Varun

    Im currently playing a game and probably the worst gamer i have played.

    I am playing chelsea against real madrid i was up 3-0, until the slight pause where i knew he was gonna quit. What else he decided to do is constantly do own goals, just to show im not a quitter im not quitting, hes been constantly kicking the ball back and scoring goals hes now at 27-0 i cant believe some people who would go to extra lengths to make me quit where i was winning fair and square.

    I cant even get the ball.

    he claimed that i was cheating which is not true, i havent got a yellow card or whatever, i just cant believe people who have time wreck other peoples enjoyment.

    I started watching TV and its been close to 30 mins and hes kept on doing it…

    currently its the 85minute and im up 40 nil in the 86 minute.

    If anyone sees a dude named ievenlostmycat, dont play against him, hes a real loser…

    i dont want to quit!…i have my pride…

    hes now paused the game, its 43 nil in the 90th minute,……

    hes now getting subs off the bench, this guy has issues…

    hes pretty much using all his pauses….

    probably the worst gamer i have ever played…

    90min… 45 nil…….another own goal

    Why wont it end?!!! lol

    Its like 90min, and now its up to 47 nil……

    YAY now its over i won 47 Nil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    and now he has quit at the rematch menu….sorry if you readers found this annoying i just had to share it with the world about these kinds of people. …

  • @Varun You won 47-0 for free, why on earth are you complaining?