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My Motion Tech Is Better Than Yours! |

Microsoft officially revealed the pricing and details of their motion tech, Kinect, yesterday and compared it to Sony’s Move and the Nintendo Wii. According to the Microsoft when compared to the Wii and Move, Kinect is the overall winner when it comes to affordability.

( Note how Microsoft used the original PS3 “PHAT” model for their price comparison.)

Well, Sony wasn’t going to take this lying down and have released their own comparison chart which shows that Move only does everything.

What do you think? Did Sony prove Move to be worth the price when compared to the competition?

Images courtesy of Kotaku  &  Dual Shockers

  • What if you only need 1 controller, even with a sub controller it would be way under the $150.

  • Jay

    dammit Luke, you ruined what they were trying to do! lol

  • That first price comparison is BS. You don’t don’t even need to get the sub controllers if you don’t want to. Man I can’t stand Microsoft, I know I’m sorry, no hatin aloud.

  • I think that Sony proved the move was worth the price or at least showed the truth about all three motion control sets. Where as MS had to conviently leave out the truth about Move to make its hardware seem better.
    I think that it shows that Sony is very confident with its motion conrol hardware. Where as MS doesn’t because they have to leave out specs on the Move to make Kinect seem better.

  • I think that the next site poll should be: For the members of the site who have a PS3 and a 360, what sounds more appealing to you, Move or Kinect?

  • Jonaskin

    Said it before and I’ll say it again, Kinect is a glorified Eyetoy.

    I’m going to pick up the Move starter bundle, an additional controller, and Sorcery. I already have 2 Sixaxis and 2 DualShock 3’s so comfort issues aside, I won’t need any sub controllers.

  • MicroSony

    Hey UbeRamza , All Sony proved its capable of the same lame marketing ploys a Microsoft & there mistakes are just as bad.

    both suck

    MicroSoft for comparing older Phat Ps3 price and the whole you don’t have to buy 2 controllers if you don’t want to argument from previous posts.
    – So they left out specs , you would too if you owned the company.

    Sony really sucks for putting No instead of Not required for the controller part of Kinect & countless other catagories they felt the need to fill up so they could fit an alot of yes’s. Kinect does not need controller

    Furthermore Bluray powered has nothing to do with resolution. Blu ray is the storage medium & does not enhance the Resolution or clarity of games in the slightest.

    if Sony was So Confident in their Move hardware why the hell would they put Blu ray powered 1080p resolution which the statement itself serves to the ignorant people whom actually think that blu ray powered 1080p is better then just plain old 1080p. Anyone who knows the slightest about resolutions will tell you the storage medium has nothing to do with quality , only quantity.

    Big Companies always try to capitalize on Consumer ignorance.

    looks like Sony has done a good job capitalizing on yours.

  • Legion213


    Uhm the answer for the conroller is No. It doesn’t matter if it is required or not. Because you don’t have an option. There is “No” controller for the Kinect.

    Are you saying the only difference between Bluray and DVD is the amount of data they can hold? If so then you need to go back and check your facts.

    While it does nothing for games. Because the games are rendered and processed through the consoles them selves. Movies are a very different story. While the Xbox can upscale DVD’s to 1080p, the quality is no where near what a Bluray played through the PS3 is at.

    So in a way. Sony is correct in their statement. If they were not just talking about games.

  • Luke


    BD = Its main uses are for storing high-definition video, PlayStation 3 video games, and other data, with up to 25 GB per single-layered, and 50 GB per dual-layered disc. Notice the high-definition in there?

    DVD = Its main uses are video and data storage. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs), but are capable of storing more than six times as much data.

  • James

    WTF is going on with that comparison chart? Where am I going to put rechargeable batteries in the Kinect controller? Up my own arse?

    And a secondary controller? That’s another human being, right?

    Sony should have just said that the Kinect is laggy as hell and the games make you look like you’re giving the signal from the Team America film

  • @James

    HAHAHAH now how can any1 forget the signal??? LOL

  • Blackstaffer

    I dunno. I think Microsoft has a point.

  • FabulousMan

    I own both consoles – Move looks a bit gimmicky, Kinect could be interesting but not at it’s current price point. Too expensive.
    Seriously? Are you for real? I own both consoles. An upscaled DVD will look approximately the same on both consoles. An HD-DVD looks approximately the same when native resolution is set to 1080p on an Xbox as a BD will look on the PS3 – assuming you are using HDMI output to a 1080p capable display. It’s all about the storage baby. Perhaps you are the person who should check their facts.
    Technically you can store HD video on a DVD, just not as much of it as you can on a Blu-ray disc. I have a HD camcorder at home that records at 1080p24 and outputs as MPEG-4 which I have absolutely no problem burning to DVD and viewing in either console or PC in ‘high definition’. I’m with MicroSony on this one – it’s a storage medium, that’s all. Although I haven’t got out a tape measure my Blurays at home look pretty similar in size to all my CDs, DVDs, and the selection of cheap HD-DVDs I own. Perhaps you should have continued reading the entire wikipedia entry for Bluray that you cut and pasted from, then maybe cross referred to the comparator (admittedly dead format) HD-DVD one.
    You have both made me laugh today. A great deal in fact, I thank you for your comments. Please, add more – I could do with a chuckle tomorrow.

  • Hey Micro, I never said a damn word about the storage medium or resolution. So pay attention to what you read before you run your mouth off.

  • All I know is that I’m going to get my Move when it comes out and I’m going to love every minute of it. I guess what they say is true, Ignorance is bliss baby and while you piss and moan, I’ll be having a blast.

  • @FabulousMan What are you talking about? I never said that the size of the BD or DVD was any different. They fit into the same tray so I am sure they are the same size. And maybe you can fit HD video on a DVD but it can’t be very big. Take a game for instance that is already a big file then you need more space because it being in HD and you are going to have an issue with DVD’s. As stated by Legion213 DVD’s can be unscaled to 1080p it’s still not what BD offers.

    Hopefully I made you chuckle again today.

  • Simon

    I think the main point is; “How will these things improve gamplay?” And the answer is “Not at all really.”

    What does it matter about specs? I still don’t think there has ever been a game were I have genuinely thought “this would be drastically improved by my having to flail my arms around like a fool in order to play it.”

    The only difference is that Kinect will actually be awful to use as a means of controlling a game, whereas the WiiMove (for they are practically the same) is at least, at worst, an unnecessary extra.