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PS3 To Get Improved Disc-free Netflix Client By October |

Netflix previously said that a disc-less client would come to the PS3 in 2010. Now, we are getting a more definite release window.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings:

“Before our next call in October, we expect to be launching a major new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn’t require a disc and is dynamically updated continuously with the latest Netflix UI improvements,”

Many presume that the client is currently disc-based for contractual/legal reasons rather than technical ones.

Awesome news regardless.

  • Luke

    See didn’t I say that the PS3 was going Netflix disc free this year?

  • This is great news. As I tend to watch alot ov TV Shows with the PS3 netflix that way I can keep my disks that are shiped to me more related to HD movies and what not.

    I hope there is a major upgrade to the UI as it’s hard to brows and there is no search feature.

  • Great news! Do you have, by chance, a source you can point me to?

  • Jay

    Im glad they kept on updating the disc-side at least. At first, it was basic, but as time went on, even the disc had new features, such as search, and the ability to add movies that aren’t on ‘watch instantly’ to your DVD queue, or select a similar movie that is available on watch instantly.

    I love Netflix.

  • Netflix is awesome. I have been watching most of my Netflix stuff on the 360 only because of the no disc. Now I will have another reason not to turn on the 360. 🙂

  • Kicks

    Yay! Maybe the Wii will follow suit so that my kids can watch it in the other room easier

  • dr-k-killa

    omg netflix makin me put a credit card is there any way not to do it or can you put my disk code plzzz

  • Jay

    you need a Netflix subscription, so of course you’re going to need a credit card. The disc is free, the service is not.