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The Six Weirdest PlayStation Ads |

No matter what Xbox fanboys say, Microsoft can never top Sony in the ad department. Most of the ads for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 were rather creepy or revolting. And this post will highlight (or lowlight) the best (or worst) of them.

No. 6: “You’re saying that the PlayStation is Jesus? I’m so confused.”

The Vatican did object to this ad, which only circulated in Italy, where 90% of the population is Catholic, and most of the people who saw it were deeply offended. But, in all honesty, this looks like the MySpace profile pic of a creepy priest.

Too be honest, I have no idea who Sony is trying to appeal to. The caption,  PlayStation: 10 anni di passione, translates to ‘1o years of passion’. A seemingly innocent caption. But, when coupled with the crown of thorns, and the film ‘The Passion of the Christ‘, which was published by uber-Catholic and uber-prejudiced Mel Gibson, it’s revealed that the ad is saying that the PlayStation is Jesus. And that’s not cool, especially in Italy.

It’s also, incredibly creepy.

No. 5: A Scottish teenage alien-human talks about mental wealth

Since when do weird alien-human hybrid teenagers talk with Scottish accents? I know one thing, and it’s that this ad does not help with mental wealth at all. The ad was directed by Chris Cunningham, a director who studied under Stanley Kubrick. There’s something about this ad that’s incredibly disquieting. Like, you’ve just seen how insane the mind can be, and now you’re on your way to that level of insanity. Or something. It’s creepy, let’s just leave it at that.

No. 4: Thumb-Penis

This might be one of the single most ill-advised gaming ads not involving John Romero and the word ‘bitch’. I’m not going to show the ad on principle. NSWF (not safe for work) You can search for it on Google if you really want to know.

No. 3: Weird Sex

Possibly NSFW. Nothing says ‘Hey, let’s buy a PlayStation 2’ like a hot woman having a five-way with hairy, fleshy shapes.

No. 2: Stalker

NSWF. This looks like something out of a movie where the main character gets raped by this dude. ‘How is this supposed to convince me to buy a PlayStation 2?’ ‘Will a PS2 turn me into a stalker?!’ ‘Will this guy come and get me if I don’t buy a PS2!?!’ These are all questions that come to mind when I look at this ad.

No. 1: Creepy Baby

Sweet mother of God, that’s horrifying. I remember when these ‘White Room’ PS3 ads came out. They didn’t make me want a PS3. If anything, they made me want to hate the PS3. I even thought that Microsoft had come out with these insane ads in order to keep people from switching over from an Xbox 360 to a PS3. This is by far one of the creepiest commercials ever to appear on prime time television (I think it debuted during the World Series in October). And the reason why this commercial is so creepy is because of the baby’s laugh. I still have nightmares about that.

  • Ace

    Ok…I’m gonna have nightmares now from that baby ad. Who was the idiot that promoted that.

  • WOW.. thumb penis and weird sex.. who approves this stuff?

  • somehow missed the stalker one the first time.. I think that guy is a patient of my psychologist friend lol

  • Here is some more, lol.

    David lynch ps2 commercial “wolfman” Tim Hope

    David Lynch’s PS2 Commercial – Bambi

  • Darrin

    The old ads were awesome. Let the mindless sheep imitators mimic memes about creepy and what not. It was supposed to be abstract and creepy just like the Kevin Butler persona is supposed to be smug and arrogant. I like both and I encourage people to actually form their own opinions.

    Now on the pedophile thing… This blog really shouldn’t raise that topic. I don’t see the ad even hinting at that. Am I missing it, or are we just raising this subject for no reason?

  • @Darrin I edited that out now.

  • Some really weird stuff there.
    That penis ad is just just wow what the hell where they thinking?

    I always liked the Playstation commercials for Ratchet & Clank.

    Just fun, kind of like the games. 🙂

  • @rich2600 Oh ya! Those where classic! You should post that video here SicSemperTyranis! 🙂

  • thumb penis cannot be unseen. WTH Sony? are some of these even real?

  • marcus24: thumb penis cannot be unseen. WTH Sony? are some of these even real?  

    They are all indeed real. One funny comment on the .. “thumb ad” on another site, lol

    “I give it 3 thumbs up.”

  • Darrin

    @Tosh, thank you

  • Absolutely brilliant stuff. Respect for Sony’s attempt to make lay bare sublimation’s function in the basic appeal of video games — and then to try to market their system based on that very principle! So much more canny, funny, and politically forward-thinking than recent reactionary dross like, “My buxom bimbo playmate is so stupid that she actually thinks Uncharted 2 is a movie. See how intelligent and masculine video games make me look when arrayed in this straw man argument?”

  • David

    Oh yeah, I remember that ad! The baby’s laugh was my favorite part. It was more random than creepy in my opinion. xD

  • Nash

    Those white room ads were sweet. Made me feel like I was spending my $600 on a piece of artwork! Which, lets be real, that’s pretty much what PS3 was when it first came out.

  • Jonaskin

    I loved the Mental Wealth one back in the 90s. There was another one around the same time ‘I have lived’ that was increddibly cool too.

    The David Lynch 3rd Place ones were just bizarre but very, very cool. And when the PS2 Slim came out, does anyone remember the ad with the millions of people swarming the centre of a city and piling on top of each other to form a mountain? Kylie Minogues video for her new song completely rips it off.