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Contest Reminder: Weekly Recap Anniversary Giveaway! |

This is a reminder to everyone that we have a contest going on (and if you’ve read the Weekly Recap, you would have known about it). Basically, you have to get a picture and place staff avatars within the picture, followed by sending points to the ‘lottery’ username. Here are more in-depth details (also, you only need one image, regardless of how many entries you do; more images do not increase chances of winning):

Part one, you must create an image superimposed with the avatars of the staff members (you can use either just one, or a combination of avatars). You don’t have to be a professional or anything, but it must, at least, show some effort. If all you have is Paint, that’s perfectly fine. Just be creative!

Part two? You will, then, have to submit points to the Lottery. Each lottery entry will be 250 points, with a maximum of 1000 points (4 lottery entries; please donate each 250 points separately).

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: $50 PSN Giftcard
  • 2nd Prize: T-Shirt
  • 3rd Prize: Points refunded, plus another 500

For easy access to staff avatars (backgrounds removed), Tosh has prepared a zip off all of them here, except for Darrin’s, which is available here, but will need to manually remove the background stuff.

The contest ends July 31st at 11:59PM Arizona time. More details, and more examples of entrants so far, after the jump.

So far, Oly has maxed out his entry limit at 4 for the lottery. Adam T has one lottery entry (I’ll let using JibJab slide this one time :P). Ace is sitting at two, and Madagasca is at one entry as well (but still needs to make a picture). I will be submitting my points soon.

Here’s a list of the pics so far:


Adam T


and just for fun

Tosh (who seems to be only doing them for fun)


  1. not an avatar but it’s a cool pic i saw on jays facebook..

  2. im going to be in this contest ^^. but idk if my pics will be offensive…

  3. Andy Nguyen: im going to be in this contest ^^. but idk if my pics will be offensive…  

    @andy187inc As long as it’s safe for work. If you really worried, send me a PM with a link to the photo.

  4. @tosh thx but i think they wont be that offensive. hey how do i put them on the contest?

  5. just reply with links to them, and then submit the lottery points

  6. kennygk
  7. Yes, that works. Nice work 🙂

  8. @Andy Nguyen Nice work, lol

  9. @Andy Nguyen Superman? awesome haha!

  10. so i wanna enter my jibjab thing… the jesus jay photo i put int he first Weekly Recap community news part and now the photo called Tosh Fatty with the 3rd donation i put in…. yes i have 3 things and 3 donation and all set to spam get another set and put the final photo in… probably tonight…. just check the lottery and right here for another comment….

  11. you only need one photo. you can have up to 4 entries, even with only one photo. You don’t need a photo for every entry lol

  12. I’ll throw in the new Game Night photo.


    Created a forum topic to link the two pics. Don’t really know how to properly edit a picture so guess that will have to do. And yes, that was done in Paint.

  14. And now I’ve donated the 1,000 in four 250 points entries. Hope I get one of the three prizes…

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