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Sony Let Microsoft Have Kinect |

Anton Mikhailov explains why they let Microsoft have the Kinect technology. Skip to the 9:00 mark if you want to see that. They talk about how Kinect has trouble tracking people with varying heights, for example 5′ 7″ vs 6′ 4″. How they need to be far away from the camera for it to see your whole body. With the PlayStation Move just the “orb” need to be seen by the camera.

Near the end of the video Anton talks about the PlayStation Move and the XMB. He basically said it’s not the best option to control the XMB with motion. It would be tiresome going threw hundreds of songs and would have to be reworked if they where to control the XMB via Move. I agree with him on that. What do you think?


  • Have to give it to both of them, very good interview.

  • Excellent interview, alot of new info came out of it. Even though it was rather painful to watch, It definately makes me more excited to finally get the Move when its realeased.

  • From what I have heard, if I was going to get kinect, it would worry me. I live in a fairly large house but my living room isn’t real big. If you have to be far away from the camera for it to work right then I would be in trouble. There is no way I have enough space to be far enough away from the camera. Especially if you figure in the fact that I’m 6’1″. So it just wouldn’t work real well without me making huge changes in my entertainment set-up and I just wouldn’t be willing to do that. It would just be too much of a problem to move everything around.

  • lordincubus

    This was a good interview. Hiphop gamer is a character which is funny as hell. I think its hard to take him serious sometimes because he thinks he is a thug, but he is really just a geek like any of us. All I really got out of this is that Kinect isn’t going to run as smooth or as cool as we want it to and we might not have a reward for any of our motion efforts. I love Anton he is a cool guy. Think I would be friends with him if I knew him. Anyway I am looking forward to getting my self a PS Move soon. The set up seems really nice and I don’t want to buy a wii because I think Zelda is the only game I would play.

  • Jay

    dont let EdEN hear that LOL

  • Luke

    Ever since I saw Kinect I said it was laggy and it still is laggy. Great idea but just like they designed the Xbox, it’s going to work half ass.

  • Excellent interview. It’s nice to hear this stuff from a developer, rather than the BS you often get from marketing people.

  • Ace

    “when the rubber hits the road”. Hahaha I laughed at that part, but I completely agree with them Sonys in this for the long run. I think the kinect is going to be great for a year or two, but I don’t think its going to be reliable.

  • Slim

    Stop with all the non sense ppl, im not just pointin out ppl on this website but ppl complaining in-gneral. Yes Kinect is a HD Eye Toy. Yes PS Move is a HD WiiMote. One thing that i think ppl are missing is that yes this tech has been around but what MS and Sony are doing is not inventing it but expanding on all levels. I had an eye toy and what Kinect is doin the Eye Toy can’t and what the Move is doing the WiiMote can’t do. I know ppl are sayin yes it can but i ask u this. How could the eye toy and wiimote do these things without having the tech to do it. Yeah the tech mite of been invented all ready but the WiiMote doesnt have one to one accuracy like the Move and the Eye Toy doesnt have the cameras thats making Kinect possible. In my opinion i think that Kinect will actually do better than Move. Im looking at the motion devices to use with my family and i think that kinect has better family stuff. Also the price. Yeah kinect is 149.99 but if u dnt plan on playin buy ur self witth the move its gonna cost u like 200+ bucks. Anyway both will be great so which ever u choose just have fun with it yall and stop complaining.

  • No one is complaing we are just discussing. Kinect seems like it’s a great tech but the more you see and hear of it, it seems very limited. Even if this gets improved in a few years, no one is going to care, they want it now.