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DC Universe Online Full Trailer |

Another Comic-Con big hit this weekend was the full cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online. Titled, “Who do you Trust?”, the trailer shows a video of DC heroes and villains battle it out til the end. No one stops until one is dead or is bleeding Kryptonite liquid from the mouth, causing Superman to awake and return from exile. A twist in the story awaits though, so better check it out.

In DC Universe Online, you’ll be able to team up with legendary DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern… or pledge allegiance to the Joker, Lex Luthor, and other classic villains to determine the fate of the DC Universe. During the struggle for supremacy, you’ll team up with thousands of other players online from your PS3, customize your own skills and abilities, and ultimately create the most powerful super-being ever depicted in a videogame setting
So now that we know that gamers can become the next great legend of the DC Universe, the next question is whether or not they’ll save it, or conquer it? Guess we’ll find out when the game hits the PS3 on November 2nd.


  • I was at the party where they premiered this.. was awesome on the big screen while eating free food and drinking a free beer!!

  • lordincubus

    Oly you really know how to make us feel like $hit…Anyway am I allowed to say Badass on this site? Because this video is BADass. I am excited to see what this game is like. I personally will wait for the next batman game before I play this. But it looks and seems great. I was wondering why it was the future and how Batman got a cyborg under his command. Either way great concept.

  • It looks so much better than I ever hoped.
    But I still do not plan to pay $10 a month to play it.

  • Jay

    I wish the game looked like this lol.

    My superhero will be the Flesh. He’s super strong, and super naked!

    In fact, I think a group of people should band together and create the entire Action League Now lmao