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F1 20210 Tracks & Cars Video |

A new Developer Diary from Codemasters for F1 2010 is out in its full extended cut featuring the design process of the tracks and cars. A neat touch is Davidson describing turn 8 at Belgium with an accompanying video showing you what he is describing. Looks like F1 2010 is shaping up nicely although I’m still sceptical about it being 30 fps instead of Sony’s last outing; F1 Championship Edition which was 60 fps. Hopefully the crash/damage modelling system is a big step up from Sony’s last effort though. F1 2010 is due out October.

  • Blackstaffer

    I’m a huge F1 fan, but this game is a non-starter for me. No split screen, no purchase.

  • Allan

    I’ve been waiting for this game for two years, and I think that’ll be great.
    F-1 and GRAN TURISMO, are already certain purchases.
    Codemasters knows how to make a racing game at least now we have a title of an F-1 compatible with the PS3, impressed by the quality of the game, I hope the game have a career mode as was the F-1 old PS2 and it has split screen would be amazing
    Well the blog could give more attention, for the modnation, as it has done with RDR