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Rumor: There’s a cheaper Move bundle coming |


Sony has already announced a few options for gamers who want to get Move. There’s the standalone pack for US $49, the US $99 bundle that comes with the controller, a PlayStation Eye, and a Move-enabled game, and a console bundle that goes for US $399. Word has it there’s a cheaper console bundle coming too.

This other bundle, which will supposedly be sold for US $349, pretty much includes the same stuff as the US $399 bundle — a PS3, a Move controller, a PS Eye camera, a DualShock controller, and a game.

According to Gamervision’s source, the difference is in the console hard drive sizes. The more expensive bundle will come with a 320GB console while the cheaper one will have a 120GB PS3.

Paired with rumors of Sony replacing 120GB models with the 320GB ones, the bright side here is that the 120GB PS3s may get a US $50 price cut once these bundles hit retail. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though. Sony has yet to announce anything official regarding this.

Via [Gamervision]

  • Sony enough with the HDD space. I don’t really need anything more than 80gbs not to mention 120gbs. Do people really throw all of their media on the PS3?

    I have yet to use anything close to 20gbs of my 80gbs.

  • Ace

    Believe it or not there is people out there who fill up the 120gbs, and look for something bigger. I agree with you though I have a 80gb and filled up probably 20gbs at most.

  • @Ace I guess there are some people that are insane but I think the majority of the users don’t fill up their HDD’s.

  • I used to max out my HDD all the time but now I throw all my extra content on my external TB HDD. I think its a great way to lower the price and I agree with you guys. Just put 80 GB HDDs in all PS3s and be done with it.
    Its cheap as hell to buy a HDD and put it in yourself.

  • Jonaskin

    My 60gb is full to the brim and I haven’t put a new HD in it yet but it’s mainly demos, downloaded games, singstar songs and game installs (Bioshock, Assassins Creed 1 and 2, MGS4, RE5 etc).

  • EdEN

    I want a $99 bundle with two Move controllers and the Camera. THAT’s how I would buy Move.