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Rumor: There’s a cheaper Move bundle coming |


Sony has already announced a few options for gamers who want to get Move. There’s the standalone pack for US $49, the US $99 bundle that comes with the controller, a PlayStation Eye, and a Move-enabled game, and a console bundle that goes for US $399. Word has it there’s a cheaper console bundle coming too.

This other bundle, which will supposedly be sold for US $349, pretty much includes the same stuff as the US $399 bundle — a PS3, a Move controller, a PS Eye camera, a DualShock controller, and a game.

According to Gamervision’s source, the difference is in the console hard drive sizes. The more expensive bundle will come with a 320GB console while the cheaper one will have a 120GB PS3.

Paired with rumors of Sony replacing 120GB models with the 320GB ones, the bright side here is that the 120GB PS3s may get a US $50 price cut once these bundles hit retail. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though. Sony has yet to announce anything official regarding this.

Via [Gamervision]


  1. Sony enough with the HDD space. I don’t really need anything more than 80gbs not to mention 120gbs. Do people really throw all of their media on the PS3?

    I have yet to use anything close to 20gbs of my 80gbs.

  2. Believe it or not there is people out there who fill up the 120gbs, and look for something bigger. I agree with you though I have a 80gb and filled up probably 20gbs at most.

  3. @Ace I guess there are some people that are insane but I think the majority of the users don’t fill up their HDD’s.

  4. I used to max out my HDD all the time but now I throw all my extra content on my external TB HDD. I think its a great way to lower the price and I agree with you guys. Just put 80 GB HDDs in all PS3s and be done with it.
    Its cheap as hell to buy a HDD and put it in yourself.

  5. Jonaskin

    My 60gb is full to the brim and I haven’t put a new HD in it yet but it’s mainly demos, downloaded games, singstar songs and game installs (Bioshock, Assassins Creed 1 and 2, MGS4, RE5 etc).

  6. I want a $99 bundle with two Move controllers and the Camera. THAT’s how I would buy Move.

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