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The Weekly Recap (July 18th-24th) |

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Thanks go out to Tosh for compiling the news from last week. Been very busy lately, but I should have some time for other stuff now that most of the things that used up my time are now finally slowing down. Anyway, there was quite a bit of news to cover actually. Oddworld seems to be making a return. Tarsier Studios is now First Party. Hip Hop Gamer did an awesome interview with Anton Mikhailov about the Move, and motion gaming in general. Rockstar will soon be targeting cheaters. And, there are a ton of gameplay videos last week, so go and read the Gaming News tab for those.

One of the cooler ones is time passage in Red Dead Redemption. Pretty cool stuff and gives you a good idea of progression of time in the game and what changes around you.

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OK, there was quite a bit of Community news last week. For one, you can earn double points for the rest of the month simply by posting in the forums!

And in case you might have missed it, Oly was at Comic-Con this year and did some live blogging so be sure to check that out, too.

Tosh has compiled a list of Twitter accounts of different members and staff. There is also a Twitter widget on the site, which can be seen at the bottom of the side bar on the community pages.

Another cool thing you can use is the ability to call a number and leave a voicemail. Given the interest in starting a podcast, this could be a cool feature to use to get some shout outs or what have you aired on the podcast. Hopefully we can manage to get one going, because that would be very cool.

Tosh ran a giveaway for the 20,000th comment, and the winner was Oly. Congrats!

Beyond that, the Weekly Recap Giveaway is still going on. I will begin reviewing entries this week to make sure entrants have done the qualifying steps. I will PM those who did not complete one of the two tasks.

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[tab:Gaming News]

Just Add Water and You Might Get… Oddworld!
Demerson – July 20th

Killzone 3 controls to be improved, more accurate
Ace – July 20th

Tarsier Studios Signs First Party Deal With SCEE
Sakinah – July 19th

Guerrilla Games: Killzone 3 won’t have load times
Ace – July 19th

Mafia II Interview
Luke – July 20th

Sony Let Microsoft Have Kinect
Tosh – July 22nd

Crytek: Crysis 2 has ‘the most advanced AI system in a game’
Ace – July 20th

My Motion Tech Is Better Than Yours!
Sakinah – July 21st

FIFA Rage Quitters
Trev – July 19th

Selling Unfinished Games: Is This The Future of the Industry?
Sakinah – July 18th

Hupit Gaming
Blackstaffer – July 22nd

PS3 To Get Improved Disc-free Netflix Client By October
Darrin – July 21st

Rockstar targets Red Dead Redemption cheaters in the next title update
Ace – July 22nd

Sly Cooper Collection Price Revealed
Sakinah – July 21st

Little Big Planet 2 and Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Editions
UbeRamza – July 23rd

Comic-Con 2010: 2D Street Fighter vs Tekken Officially Announced
Sakinah – July 24th

Deadpool can hit you with his life gauge in Marvel vs Capcom 3!
Tosh – July 22nd

Additions to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Roster
Marc Macayan – July 22nd

NEW PlayStation Move Tech Demos are Amazing!
Tosh – July 21st

Shank coming to PSN
Luke – July 20th

Another Kung-Fu LIVE Trailer
Luke – July 20th

RDR: The Passage of Time as Art
Demerson – July 20th

TV3 In NZ Rips Off Kevin Butler
Trev – July 20th

The Six Weirdest PlayStation Ads
MAINEiac4434 – July 21st


Rent Godzilla 2000 for FREE! Today only
Tosh – July 21st

GameStop PS3 Power Saver Sale
Tosh – July 21st

Hey Canadians! Netflix Headed Your Way!
Jay – July 19th

[tab:Play With Us]

RDR: Game Night 7/24. The Prize Fight
Sinlock – July 22nd

The above is for a game night that had already took place, but Demerson now has the recap of the July 17th event up.

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The current poll running is asking who your favorite hero or heroine is in a video game. You can also add answers if there isn’t one on the current list you like.
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Again, thanks for reading. Hopefully this will be the last time I need to do one recap after the other :lol:. Stay tuned for all upcoming recaps, which will hopefully be on time now.

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