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Battlefield 3 Beta Coming! |

Although there was some speculation that Battlefield 3 was in the works, it has now all been confirmed. Just a few minutes ago, EA posted, via Twitter, that if you get the the special edition of Medal of Honor, which is coming out this November, you will be granted free entry into the Battlefield 3 beta! Nothing more than that has been released, but I am sure it’s safe to speculate that it will be hitting the PS3, PC, and the 360.

  • Ace

    So what we looking at a 2011 release? That be my guess, I can’t wait for BF3. But is there any proof the consoles are getting it? Because I was expecting a BFBC3.

  • Luke

    They haven’t really said anything about what platform it’s going to be on just that you can get into the Beta if you get the SE copy of MoH.

    BFBC3 won’t happen for a bit if at all. BFBC2 was just released not to long ago, they still releasing content for it some I am not sure they would say anything about a third one in the works just yet.

  • They’ll probably bring BF3 to consoles. It makes money sense in my opinion. It’ll probably have a late 2011 release since this is the first we’re hearing about it.

    Regarding BFBC3…I doubt they’ll even make it. Maybe a similar project under a different name but I don’t see why EA would continue that franchise when noone really cares about singleplayer which is where it derives its name. If they do it won’t release for another 2 years or so.

  • Jay

    or maybe BF3 will be the sequel to both Battlefield 2 AND Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and will include a single player, etc. Saves on developmental costs at least by combining the two franchises in such a way. But I guess we’ll see the closer MoH gets to release.

  • The BF3 Beta will not start until 12 months After MoH gets released.

  • Ace

    :O holy crap, I would think its a sequel to BFBC2 than if it takes that long to make. I would agree with Jay, But we won’t have any proof of this until EA opens there big mouth. πŸ™‚

  • Luke: The BF3 Beta will not start until 12 months After MoH gets released.  ^

    Whoa…thats a wierd selling point for MoH on EA’s part then. Early beta access might get some people to purchase a game but one scheduled a year from release?

  • Yeah that is really lame, new way of marketing I guess. I don’t recall ever seeing any company do that for games.

  • Snake

    Hello to everyone!!!

    I have a question for all you guys, I already have de MOH Limited Edition for the PS3, but I don’t know anything from Battelfiel 3 BETA, so here is the question:

    Any person in here knows when EA it’s going to release the codes from the BETA or anything about him???.