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ModNation Racers Patch Next Week: Decreased Load Times and More!! |

According to IGN, ModNation Racers is patching some issues and tweaking a lot next week.

Most important to me, and probably many others, is the slashing of ridiculous load times. “Sony is reporting that in some cases those loads will be 50 percent faster.” To me this was almost a complete game killer, although it did give me time to get something to eat, use the restroom, and watch my favorite TV show while waiting to join a race. Seriously though, this might bring me back to playing more.

The rest of the announced updates are after the jump.

IGN says it best…

Casual Difficulty FTW
A lot of folks dug the gameplay in ModNation Racers, but they were getting pwned by the game’s AI-controlled opponents; those computerized bastards never gave Player 1 a break! Well, this patch introduces Casual Difficulty Mode. This should give people who just want to have some fun the chance to do so without having to worry about hurling a controller after getting sideswiped in the third lap.

Our video review goes from 0 to 60 in 30 seconds.

Friends with XP Benefits
Racing in XP Races and Series is key to earning experience points and leveling-up online. However, as it stands, you can’t invite your friends to XP outings. It kind of sucks the fun out of your multiplayer romp. Well, next week, that’ll be a thing of the past. This patch allows you to invite your buddies to races and series, so go level grind!

Death to Hot Lap Cheaters
Apparently, this patch will fix a bug that allowed players to cut through tracks and post ridiculous times in the online Hot Lap section. Only a few more days to steal the spotlight, kids!

The Ultimate Collector
Player cards — the profile showing what you’ve whipped up — will now display all of your creations and not just some of them.

Get Online Faster and Stay There
United Front Games is also fixing MNR so that you’ll be able to jump into online races faster than ever. The developers say that this has been done by removing “the online game room from the ModSpot.” On top of that, the server’s been upgraded to help get rid of those pesky disconnects people were having to deal with. We’ll see how that works next week.

Download the IGN Kart… or else.Attain the Unattainable (Challenges)
United Front Games has listened to all of your ranting and raving and honed in on three challenges that it agrees are just too damn tough. When you download the patch, expect different completion conditions on the Devastator takedown on Wild Run, the Devastator takedown on Modobahn and the “sideswipe three opponents on the cliff side” task on Fracture.

Free Stuff
The Tin Bucket item will be unlocked for everyone! Hooray!


  • Too late for a patch, I sold it and promptly used to get game that didn’t put me in a nasty mood.
    I got my first PS3 3 months after launch and Mod Nation is only the second game I’ve sold. I buy games to have fun and relax not to cuss out my T.V.

  • bad company

    I stop playing because all the slow downloads if its still slow I am selling it

  • Ya, hoping this revives my interest

  • @Sinlock just curious. What game did you get for you Mod Nation trade-in? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I got LEGO’s Harry Potter Years 1-4 the trade in took off $41. MY wife and have really enjoyed the other LEGO game….well not the last Indy game.

  • They cut the load times in half? That’s still enough time for half a Seinfeld episode ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Maybe I’ll get this game now. The only thing that turned me off was talk of the LOOONGG load times. I’ve been craving a decent racing game. Oh what? Gran Turismo 5 in Nov? Nevermind

  • Emrah:

    They cut the load times in half? Thatโ€™s still enough time for half a Seinfeld episode :P   


    lol true!

  • Brad

    Figures lol, I just got Platinum for this game last week. I guess there will be those who have a PRE-Platinum and those who have a POST-Platinum.

  • Brad

    oops let me correct myself, there is will PRE-Patch Platinum and a POST-Patch Platinum

  • Jonaskin

    Excellent news. I’ve been holding off buying it for the load time reason alone. Sinlock – was the load time the only reason you sold it?