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This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Wii

I was playing the demo for the PlayStation Move game Sports Champions, Table Tennis, with my step-son earlier. He kept flailing the Move controller around like he was having a mini seizure in his hand. This is how he typically plays most motion control games. I handily beat him in a 5 point match. This video just goes to show that you can’t wildly wave your hand around and expect to successfully play a PlayStation Move supported game. You actually have recreate the actual actions as if you were participating in real life. This is what they call that 1 to 1 tracking.

If you ever thought the PlayStation Move was simply a Wii knock off, I can assure you that Sony is re-writing the rule book when it comes to motion control. Like I say in the preceding video, Kevin Butler told us this stuff months ago (actually a couple of months from now).


Autumn / Winter 2010 – A Busy Period For Buying Games?

For me, Autumn and Winter are always a busy period when it comes to purchasing games. Each year, October sees the release of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Late October / Early November sees the COD franchise getting unleashed with Battlefield getting some major DLC in December with the Vietnam pack being released.

However, this year, my trouser pocket is getting tortured with purchases of PlayStation Move, Sports Champions, Tiger Woods, Start The Party, Formula 1 2010 and GT5!  I’m sure somewhere in between buying all of these games, there will be some snacking, purchasing more games via PSN, spending time with the family and actually doing some work.

So – from me to you. Which purchases are high up on your shopping list? Apart from the games listed above, there are many more being released, such as: Battelfield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, R.U.S.E, Deathspank 2, Dead Rising 2 and many more.

How much money do you think you’ll be spending on your beloved console before the year is out? 😀


BFBC 2 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer Goes Live

EA just released the launch trailer for the Ultimate Edition of their highly successful Battlefield Bad Company 2. The package contains a plethora of extra-content including — Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the co-op expansion Onslaught Mode, and 6 immediate unlocks for vehicle and weapon upgrades. The package will also include the full version of Battlefield 1943.

Not a bad thing to own if you’ve yet to purchase the game.  The Ultimate Edition is now available for sale across all leading retailers.

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James Bond Blood Stone Istanbul Trailer

Here’s a bloody good trailer for the upcoming James Bond Blood Stone showing off car chases, mining machines and lots of Istanbul. Oh and plenty of explosive red barrels. The other in game locations are Athens, Monaco and Bangkok. It’s due out November 2010.

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