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Monthly Archives: August 2010

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Wii

August 31, 2010 | | 21 Comments

I was playing the demo for the PlayStation Move game Sports Champions, Table Tennis, with my step-son earlier. He kept flailing the Move controller around like he was having a mini seizure in his hand. This is how he … Read More

Autumn / Winter 2010 – A Busy Period For Buying Games?

August 31, 2010 | | 7 Comments

For me, Autumn and Winter are always a busy period when it comes to purchasing games. Each year, October sees the release of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Late October / Early November sees the COD franchise getting unleashed with Battlefield getting … Read More

BFBC 2 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer Goes Live

August 31, 2010 | | One Comment

EA just released the launch trailer for the Ultimate Edition of their highly successful Battlefield Bad Company 2. The package contains a plethora of extra-content including — Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the co-op expansion Onslaught Mode, and 6 immediate unlocks for … Read More

James Bond Blood Stone Istanbul Trailer

August 31, 2010 | | One Comment

Here’s a bloody good trailer for the upcoming James Bond Blood Stone showing off car chases, mining machines and lots of Istanbul. Oh and plenty of explosive red barrels. The other in game locations are Athens, Monaco and … Read More

Win 500 points for the Facebook/ PlayStation Move Giveaway

August 31, 2010 | | 32 Comments

Come up with a caption for one of the PlayStation Move images below. Please reply like this so we know what photo your referencing.

Photo 1: Your caption here
Photo 2: Your caption here

Please only 1 comment per person. You can come up with a caption for both images if you’d like. But you’ll only be entered into the contest once. After you have commented, donate 50 points to the lottery. This is how I will pick the winner.

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PlayStation Move Experience [Update: Video]

August 31, 2010 | | 19 Comments

A lucky few have been able to get their hands on PlayStation’s new Move controllers. I happen to be one of those lucky few to enjoy Sony’s entry into motion control goodness before most everyone else. I got my Ultimate Block Party a couple of weeks ago. Included in the package were 2 PlayStation Move controllers, a PS Eye camera, a demo disc, along with a collection of party favors to be handed out at the party (OMG PlayStation Move branded napkins and can holders!). Included on the demo disc is an introductory video (pretty much all the Move videos available in the PSN Store), a setup guide, and 8 different demos.

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Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC Impressions

August 30, 2010 | | 16 Comments

Mafia II was released August 24th on all platforms (except Wii) and owners of the PS3 version received an exclusive DLC pack titled, The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This time around you’re an older bald man named Jimmy (pictured below). Jimmy is a hardened veteran on the mob scene and the pacing matches his status. While the main game introduces the player to the city slowly, The Betrayal of Jimmy throws you right into the action and is surprisingly challenging right from the beginning.

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First Look at Malicious,Upcoming PSN Game From Avilon

August 30, 2010 | | 4 Comments


Coming soon from Avilon is a new down loadable game for the PS3 called Malicious. In the game you fight through waves of enemies called Malicious with the help of your trusty cloak. This special cloak can serve as a defensive … Read More