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Weekly Recap Anniversary Giveaway Winners! |

For those of you who weren’t aware, for the past few weeks, we were holding a contest that not only included using lottery submissions for entries, but entrants were also required to edit staff avatars into a photo. Overall, they were pretty funny, and proved to be a lot of fun. First off, the prizes:

  • $50 PSN Gift Card
  • T-Shirt
  • Points refunded, plus an extra 500

We had a total of 26 entries, from 10 users. Those who entered included Oly1Kenobi, Adam T, Ace, Jay, Andy Nguyen, kennygk, Demerson, Sinlock, EdEN, and Madagasca, but which three of the ten won the contest? Check after the jump!

The Winners

Video showing selections being made

Congratulations to:

Well, I didn’t win, which sucks :P, but congratulations to everyone who did! For everyone else, better luck next time. Also, of note, the video shows that Oly got second and third, but only one entry counts, hence the 4th selection. For the images that were submitted for the contest, check them out below!



Adam T

Andy Nguyen








Tosh also made a few just for fun, and you can see those here, here and here.

  • Jay

    I was in 15 of the 24 pics lol

  • derrickgott007

    The pan’s labrynth one was so bad its comically good.

  • EdEN

    Well, serves me right. I can’t edit a pic at all so maybe that’s why the system didn’t pick me hahah. Congrats to the winners. Make good use of those $50 sinlock!

  • ….sniff…sniff….

    Well first I’d like to thank my Family for all the support they given me through the years, My wife for the encouragement in developing my gaming skills, The members of for supplying their faces and good humor DEMERSON!!!, I’d also like to send a shoutout to Paint Shop Pro for their overly complex layer system.

    I plan to use my winnings to help fund game developers of small title games, without them gaming would fall back into a dark age of corporate greed of over priced and rushed games.

    I’d also like to dedicate this on a personal level to dearly loved game that never got to show the world all the potential I new it had…. Duke Nukem: Forever, This one’s for you!!!!!

    Thank You All,

  • Insert after 1st paragraph 😛

  • ^This is supposed to say

    Insert orchestra music played to hurry along a long winded speaker, after the 1st paragraph 😛

    Insert Epic Fail for my first attempt haha

  • Jay

    lol, that’s what I told him in a PM, too haha

  • @Sinlock Did you just call me? I was in the basement seats, 2 miles from the stage… 🙂

    Parabéns, amigo!

  • Congrats Sin.. great speach..