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PlayStation Plus to Feature Nickname-Change Options on PSN? |

Some anonymous hackers from the EFnet chat channel are claiming that a new feature is set to arrive on the PSN for US and Europe. This one should let you change your nickname on the PSN display.

Now, this feature isn’t entirely new. It’s been around the Japanese PSN for a long while already, but is currently not available in other territories. The claim is also that this feature should be available exclusively for PlayStation Plus members only.

The sources posted a video of the feature. Click the jump to view the video.

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  • teflon

    Really hope this one’s true, then, via a complicated process, I can steal the PSN name I actually want over the compromised with…

    Well, so long as they’ve got PS+ too 😛

  • this would be cool. might actually make me pay for plus.

  • Luke

    That would be cool. Maybe they are listening to what people post on their share program. Sort of weird that Japan had this feature for so long.

  • This is long overdue in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll be paying for plus just to change my name but it’ll be nice to have the option.

  • That would be very awesome. I’ve wanted to change my ID for a long time.

  • Hum, am I the only one who is not buying the veracity of this vid?

  • EdEN

    Well, I don’t see why I would want to change my PSN Nick but if it’s added SOMEONE might use it.

  • Apparently Japanese users have this option already and for free. Not that I actually know anything about it — my source is just the discussion on this topic on PS3News.

  • I think it’s better if Sony let you change your PSN ID for free but maybe it’ll make PSN+ more attractive for some.