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24 Hour Marston (A Funny Comic Strip) |

24 Hour Marston is a great comedic comic strip in the life of Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston. It was created by Eric Colossal, and so far there are about 12hours worth, so we can expect alot more.

I found them extremely funny, being a big fan of the game. You can see the whole thing here. Click on the strip or NEXT to browse through them all.

  • EdEN

    Very funny comic. Haven’t played the game yet but from all the previews, reviews and comments by those that have this seems like a very spot on interpretation of the game.

  • Great stuff. I looked at all of them. His batman 24 hours is great too, lol.

  • EdEN

    Didn’t notice the one for Batman until you pointed it out Tosh. Very fun as well.

  • Ya pretty funny as well… Site is down again.. lol word is getting out on him

  • EdEN

    Did we crash the site?

  • looks that way lol

  • Where’s Demerson.. he’d like this

  • Lol. Those are pretty good.

  • EdEN

    Still 12 more comics left. Looking forward to how he’ll do the rest.

  • @Oly1Kenobi I’m here, being pretty busy this week… Uzbekistan travel arrangements…

  • @Demerson oh wow, so your going for sure huh .. 🙁 How long will you be there?

  • wow.. why??

  • New ones up