Rumor: White PS3 To Hit The UK In October?

Rumors are afloat, especially when Christmas isn’t too far away, SONY are apparently going to be releasing a ‘White’ SKU of the ever popular PS3 console in the UK this year.

According to Product Reviews (and their tip offs), there are 2 models hitting the UK this October – 160GB and 320GB. Whatever happened to a 250GB model?

With the Christmas rush which tends to start around October and the competition between Microsoft and SONY both trying to shift units, the white unit is quite likely to hit the UK shores.

Hopefully there will be more details on whether this rumor is in fact a rumor or truth at GamesCon later this month which takes place in Germany. For the full article, please visit the Product Reviews site below:


Written by: Madagasca - News Contributor

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    Slick design !

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    I want!

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