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This is Dead Rising 2’s Japanese boxart |

deadrising2_box_japanLook at that fear on the face of that little girl. It’s so real, you can practically smell the awful stench of rotting human flesh on the zombies. I’d have to say, that headphones she’s got on has got me imagining “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is playing in the background, as in John Woo’s Face/Off, while they’re fighting off the zombies.

Yep, that’s the boxart for Dead Rising 2 in Japan, which will be arriving on their shores on September 30, 2010. North America, on the other hand, will get earlier by a couple of days on September 28th.

Any one buying this game? I’m certainly showing interest.

Via [Examiner]

  • I played this at E3 for a while and again at Comic-con. Was def fun, but seemed too repeatative. My son and his 2 friends on the other hand played it everyday at SDCC and loved it. You can wear clothing item you find, as well as use any item you see to kill the zombies.

  • Legion213

    The only thing I disliked about the first one was the time limit. I’m one of those gamers that needs to complete everything. I’m sure this will have the time limit also. So I probably won’t be picking this one up.

  • dragonx

    It looks like a definite rental. I enjoyed the first one but didn’t like the time limit either. I need time to explore, and time limit hampered my exploration.