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Mafia II’s PS3-Exclusive DLC |

Mafia II is scheduled for release on August 24, 2010. Just announced on the Official Playstation Blog, there will be a free opening day DLC pack named The Betrayal of Jimmy.

The pack will add 25 new missions and will be centered around a different character than the main storyline. New PS3 versions of the game will include a voucher for download on release day. If you buy Mafia II used, this DLC pack will be available for download from the PS Store for 9.99.

Another DLC pack’s information was leaked last month under the name Jimmy’s Vendetta. Information on this pack is scarce but it’s safe to say it’s a follow up to The Betrayal of Jimmy. Pricing is unknown for Jimmy’s Vendetta

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  1. Every time I see this game the deal just keeps getting better and better. I’m seriously considering buying the Mafia II Collector’s Edition even if I won’t be able to play until october…

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