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Wipeout leaps to life with wood and cardboard |

Wipeout has come to life! No, I’m not kidding! Okay, so the racer hasn’t actually been brought to life-life, as in Frankenstein, but this one’s pretty close. As close as cardboard can get, that is.

German designer Malte Jehmlich and friends have made a cardboard representation of the classic PlayStation title. Made up of wood, cardboard, radio controlled car, and an arcade cabinet complete with steering wheel and screen attached to the car’s on board camera — and of course countless hours of work, and voila! I’ve got the video right here of the final result.

It’s nothing short of amazing, and it seems that it’s not about to end here. Engadget has said that the designers loved what they’ve come up with so far that they’re already thinking of adding in force-feedback, lights, and powerups in the future.

Via [All About the Games]

  • Nothing like reading a good video. 😛 Just kidding

    That’s pretty cool. I like how the driver seat moved. I was thinking it’d be easy to wire something like that for a video game but a live action RC car it must’ve been hard to sync up.

  • I’d love to try this out! To bad it’s so far away 🙁 Amazing work for sure.

  • nice article

  • Thats pretty cool, thats definately thinking out of the box. I like it.