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Heavy Rain Move Edition first screens revealed |


The first images of the Move-enhanced edition of the hit psychological thriller Heavy Rain has been outed by SCEE.


Possible release time period after the jump!

According to a post from Ross Alexander, the product manager of Heavy Rain Move Edition, over at the European PlayStation Blog, the Move edition will be out before the Christmas season:

Heavy Rain Move Edition will be available to buy pre-Xmas. If you already have a copy of Heavy Rain you’ll be able to download a free update from PSN that’ll let you play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls.”

Heavy Rain Move Edition is played using a PlayStation Move motion controller to complete actions and a PlayStation Move navigation controller or DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller to move your character. But if you want the full experience we’d strongly recommend you play with a PlayStation Move motion controller and a navigation controller.”

But don’t worry folks, according to Alexander, you’ll also be able to play the game with the standard DUALSHOCK 3 controls if you don’t have a PlayStation Move.

Via [EU PlayStation Blog]

  • EdEN

    Well, glad to know there will be a free update on PSN. Didn’t make sense to charge for this. Guess the “Move Edition” moniker is to take advantage of the Move release to try and sell 200-300k more units.

  • Wonderful! I agree with EdEN: It’s very good of the devs to release the patch for free, as it would really piss people off to have to buy a new copy of the game to support the new hardware. Sounds like a perfect fit for the Move. I can’t really see myself playing the game again, though. Sure, somewhat different outcomes, but end is more or less the same. I wish that Heavy Rain had been released in tandem with the Move… or that the Move had been released at the same time as Heavy Rain!

  • I wish that Heavy Rain would make the experience still more immersive by finding a way to make the action cues cite the controller in a less direct way. When playing with the DS3, I can understand the game having stuff on screen like “X! X! X!” “O! O! O!,” but with the Move, do we really need a “penis” icon in the bubble? The controller should recede still further from the experience, not be highlighted through actually drawing the controller on screen.

  • EdEN

    So far the “hands-on” reports have said that it feels a little off but hey, at least every owner can try it unlike those of us that own RE5…

  • Jonaskin

    Heavy Rain was a brilliant game. Personally I think Move Support will add a lot to it.