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Sony: Let’s Focus On Hardcore Gamers |

Tired of seeing your gaming providers turn again and again to casual gamers? For those on PS3, that time is at an end. Sony have confirmed that they will be focusing less on casual projects such as Playstation Move, Buzz and other enterprises and instead on extending a hand to hardcore gamers. Sony wants to return the love we give them, it seems that since we’ve helped them, they want to help us. I for one, always think it’s nice to see a company want to actively and unnecessarily help their community.

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Sony Quote:

We now want to bring back the focus on hardcore gamers, we realize the hardcore gamers are the ones that are actively involved in the community and are constantly giving feedback not to mention being the most dedicated.

Xbox Live subscribers have the privilege of excellent community features. Implemented services such as cross-game chat are invaluable and Sony are trying to strengthen the community. Sony Game Studio games always feature good single player and while I for one, greatly enjoy single player, it’s hard to communicate to friends. Sony knows this, they also know that the same single player gamers enjoy going online and decimating with clan members and friends by your side. Are they going to fill the space that separates both types of gaming? The hardcore community screams for cross game chat and Sony tell us that they are going to give us ‘what we want’. Nothing has been confirmed yet, I hope that cross-game chat will be coming to PS3 at some time in the not-so-distant future.

Sony Quote:

the plan for the future is to bring the community back together

However, Sony have mentioned that they will be holding tournaments in the future. Tournament features could be a godsend for game battles users.

Sony Spokesman Quote:

What I would ideally want is 200 people playing Killzone in a tournament.

Sony game studios have produced some incredible games and I believe in Sony as a company. Microsoft have served their community well and continue to do so. Now it’s time for Sony to step up to the platform (no pun intended). I’m certain that we can all look forward to whatever Sony has in store for us. I’ll look out for any other news on this matter and keep you all posted. Move, Buzz and other casual services have been brilliantly finished and the quality is dazzling. Sony knows what we want, so let them bring it to us in style.


  • i was confused at the end quote by Sony, MAG can do that :\

  • Sam

    Cross game chat would be nice, but what about more AVATARS…

    I mean my 360 has avatars from the lastest movie releases. Why can’t Sony do the same or BETTER than MS?

    I don’t mind paying for quality…

  • I wonder if PlayStation Plus was a first step. I’m interested in what they have up there sleeves though.

  • “Sony have confirmed that they will be focusing less on casual projects such as Playstation Move”

    (a) I doubt they’re going to ‘focus less’ on a product that has yet to be released, and to which they will (hopefully) be giving an almighty push, and…

    (b) I think PlayStation Move has shown quite successfully that it can be used for either a casual or hardcore gaming. I don’t see why you would simply lump it in as part of a casual experience. It may end up that way, but that’s down to the game developers. I’m hoping that they won’t all jump on the ‘Wii-too’ bandwagon, and will actually take note of the impressive capabilities shown in the tech demos to produce some startling new control methods.

  • Hard to get excited about vague, even meaningless assertions like “the plan for the future is to bring the community back together,” and ‘hardcore gamers, we love you, as we know that you’re the only ones reading this.’

  • I think Sony sees an opportunity since many feel that Microsoft have abandoned the hardcore with Kinect.

  • Ace

    Yes your right the Playstation move shows a causal side and a hardcore side, But I think we all can agree the psn community wants new features, new updates, more exclusive content for the playstation 3/Psp. I by all means did not despise the move I love what sonys doing there, I just think what sony wants to do is reach out to there hardcore gamers and give them what they want.

  • I think PSN definitely needs some updates but I have to agree with @premiersoupir…that is a really vague and meaningless statement out of Sony 🙁

  • Sony has continued to give us new features and updates, they are just not doing it as fast as everyone wants them too. People have to have what they want now, god forbid that they might have to wait for something.
    I see that people are still going on about xgc, I still don’t see why people are making such a big deal out of it. I think it would be a nice feature but Im so sick of hearing about it. Sony give people what they want so I don’t have to hear about it anymore.
    All I want from Sony is a PS3 that I don’t have to take apart and fix once a month. Thats on the top of my wish list. Im sick of fixing my kids and my own PS3 constantly.

  • Klass1K

    So this means a HARDCORE Socom exPURience? Hopefully. Since Socom died and became casual after David Sears left and Socom 3 was made. Then we have Confrontation which in NO WAY resembles Socom except for the fact it’s TPS and has some old maps from the first Socom. And Socom 4 is no where even near the first Socom. Nothing even looks like the original Socom. They’re NOT EVEN NAVY SEALS!. They’re Acercrombie and Fitch pretty boys in blue jeans. It’s ridiculous.