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Killzone 3 beta site now live |

killzone3It looks like Sony’s on track for a Killzone 3 beta. They’ve already launched a teaser site for it.

The site can be accessed here, but it seems that all you can do so far is sign in. The timing of the site’s launch raises hopes for a beta announcement at Gamescom next week, though.

Killzone 3 launches in February 2011, exclusively on PS3.

Via [VG247]

  • Luke

    WOW I guess that guy that released that screenshot a week ago might not have been lieing after all!

  • derrickgott007

    I’m leary about supposed “BETA SITES” like this. Lots of sites pop up amid rumors of beta’s asking people to sign in with their PSN info and BAM! the shady site has your PSN login and robs your account.

    I’ll pass until they officially state the site is real.

  • Ace

    @Derrickgott007 This site is a official site of Sony no need to worry, But I see what you are saying there are people out there that try to steal psn account info. You just have to be aware of the scums out there that try these shenanigans.

  • @Derrick: You are absolutely right. Sony’s current 3rd party PSN login system is beyond pathetic. There is absolutely no way to know if a site is Sony endorsed or not. I have earlier had a few posts on the comment section about it but it needs a full on blog entry.