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FAT Princess Turns 1 |

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was running around with cake trying to fulfill the princesses epic request for “more cakey” as she put it. But according to Atomic Operations the creators of the fun, loving, and action packed exclusive its already been a year. To celebrate they have released their Fat Princess single: Castle Intruder, which can be found on the Official PS3 Blog.

I for one think the single is pretty good. It’s quirky which is very fitting for the game and it just seems like it was a lot of fun to make. For those of you who haven’t gotten the game be sure to do so, it’s a lot of fun in general but when you have a bunch of friends with you it’s even that much better. Be sure to grab this one, as it has a lot of support and a bunch of people that play it daily.

  • FP used to be by fave online game for the PS3. No kidding. I was even in a clan. BUT the new DLC — Ninjas, Pirates, and Giants ruined the game for me and for most of the community. The three new classes don’t fit in with the cartoony medievalism of the original game; all three have six HP, which totally throws off the balance (as before only one of the five classes, the Warrior, had 6 HP); and all three new classes effectively have one-hit kills. Oh, and building defenses like castle gates is essentially useless now, as both the Giant and Pirate can demolish them.

    So sad: the push to release DLC to continue making money on the game totally ruined the original IP. If they’d have just released more maps for a price instead of for free as they had been doing (and for which I applaud them!), I’d have happily paid.

  • All ready wow… that game was awesome 🙂 i like the pack with the nijas andd pirates:) cool game

  • Luke

    I still play it here and there. I haven’t tried the Ninjas & Pirates though. Pretty detailed post there Premiersoupir.